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Roses in your bedroom sets up a romantic mood and look, but can also be vintage or antique looking. If you happen to be talented, you can buy individual pieces for your bed and coordinate the look yourself. Subscribe to Easy Bedroom DecorEnter your email address below to receive updates each time we publish a new article. This month finances have been  tight, there have been car repairs and furniture buying, road tax and travel. I laid the sheet on the floor and cut out the pattern pieces being careful to match the pattern of the stripes. The McCalls 5850 pattern is very simple and easy to follow, the bodice is easily constructed and is made in 4 pieces. The only slightly trickier point of the dress is (again) gathering the skirt, just be sure to use strong thread that won’t strap as you gather it, there’s nothing more frustrating! You obviously don’t have to use a sheet to complete the pattern, you can, of course, buy fabric and it will look great. This is a really great pattern, it’s easy to adjust the length of the skirt so it could be a mini dress too and all in all only took an evening to make up.
I’ve gone for grungier casual styling here with White Converse All Star Hi Tops, a silver locket (a gift from my mum) and my DIY rhinestone festival headband but the dress is very versatile and can easily be styled up with heels and a clutch bag or summer sandals and a floppy hat. Thanks Anoushka I found it when I was clearing out some drawers and set it to one side as I liked the pattern so much! Instead of making 2 rows of long stitches, make 1row of a zig zag stitch on the longest and widest setting in the seam allowance. All of this boring, necessary, grown up spending didn’t leave much room for me to buy fun and crafty things or to buy new clothes. It works in the same was as the McCalls 6466 prom dress pattern in that it gives a number of different bodice and skirt patterns that can be mixed and matched. I lengthened the pattern because I wanted the skirt to reach my shins rather than finish above the knee as per the pictures on the pattern.

I didn’t take many pictures of the actual make up of the dress as I flew through it so quickly! Although I quite like thinking of it like I’m in bed all day while I’m wearing it! I have loads of floral vintage sheets that I have collected up and I would love to turn them into a dress.
I want to pass on a tip I was given about ten years ago and it works wonders for gathering fabric. On this blog you'll find lots of craft and DIY tutorials across a variety of different mediums plus my latest DIY inspirations and some other fun stuff too! In fact, the current floral pattern offerings celebrate vivid colors and interesting forms. This was a time when people tended to be happy to display their wealthy with beauty and elegance.
At rose pattern bedding you can see more great looks and choose the one that you love for your own bedroom.
Upcycling is at the heart of crafting, so when I wanted to make a new summer dress and couldn’t really justify spending any money on new fabric, I had a scout round the house for household textiles that I could use instead. My dress is made using the thin strapped sweetheart necked bodice and full skirt but there are options for a bubble hem and tulip hem and strapless and one shouldered versions.
After eyeing up the curtains in various rooms (and only being put off by the laboriousness of having to make new ones) I came across the perfect solution – a bedsheet!
From modern abstract blooms to watercolor-inspired prints, these selections will catch you off guard in the best possible way!You can always find a traditional pastel floral if you know where to look, but why not go with a modern twist on a classic pattern?
Whether you are looking for a darker red rose pattern, a light delicate pink or even a blue rose, all are available to you. I love the faded pastel striped pattern on this sheet, so pretty for summer and one sheet is plenty to make a full dress.
Even retailers that typically offer more conventional designs are throwing in a contemporary item or two.

In fact, it’s the amethyst tones that truly set this shower curtain apart, creating a decadent look. A bronzing finish gives the piece an overall pearlized shine… Purple floral shower curtain from Donna KaranFloral PillowsThrow pillows are the perfect way to inject a dose of floral style into your space.
We’re crazy about the ikat look of the Jacqueline Pillow from Z Gallerie, shown below.
Maybe it’s the way the item has the look of a vibrant watercolor, or perhaps its the use of eye-catching shades like coral, pink and blue. This pillow cover is made of 100% cotton, and the insert is sold separately.Watercolor-inspired floral pillow colorSpeaking of vintage style, nobody brings it into the present quite like Jonathan Adler! A new offering from the designer, the Brasilia Flower Pillow is   inspired by the shapes and colors in nature. Especially one as unexpected as the pattern that graces the Marimekko Kevatesikko Black-White Bed Linens from Crate & Barrel.
Created by Erja Hirvi, the design is based on the structure of the cowslip flowering plant.
This low-pile rug has a folksy, traditional look, yet bold outlines and shapes assert a modern sensibility.Colorful floral rug from IKEAIt’s hard not to be drawn to the Botanical Burnt Orange Rug from CB2, especially since its bold design and fiery hues are true scene-stealers! A surrealist pattern of optic blooms is the result, and the rug is sure to captivate with its grey, taupe and linen shades on a bright orange background…Fiery orange botanical rugOur last featured item is a rug that is wonderfully surprising with its abstract design and unconventional shape.
By going abstract, veering into retro-modern territory or being extra bold, you can make a floral statement that celebrates the latest in spring design trends!

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