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My husband and I worked on this project together and we love the way it turned out. It ended up costing approximately $100 with wood materials and paint to complete.
We didn’t write our own plans but we did follow these sofa table plans and tweaked them to our own liking. Since we were building a piece of furniture we used the premium wood, which is a little more expensive then regular rough cut. It’s fun and lasts longer than the cheap made stuff but ends up being cheaper to build, go figure. There is a specific type of table for any room and also numerous different kinds of console tables that can be seen standing alone against the walls like hallway and entryways tables!

Build as much as you want using pallets, this DIY pallet sofa table is a brilliant sample to show you how to do it! It works great for storing extra shoes, seasonal extras (like hats, gloves, etc) or hiding away all those things that tend to cause clutter. Higher prices of market tables are going to surprise every one and everybody is stepping back from those inflated industrial tables!
Just modify and readjust the pallet boards a little and rebuild them into so many different kinds of tables like coffee table, dining table, beside table and console table! DIY world has really sorted out some amazing ways to eliminated the furniture demands of every home lover!

Like the all the sofa side table, this handmade one also comes with a narrow and slim top and with a waist height level! Perfect to place behind the sofa with some centerpieces, mural frames and a piece of light lamp over its top!

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