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I provide bookstore-quality press printed coffee table photo books available in hard cover, image wrapped or with a linen cover and dust sleeve.
Take a moment and think about the number of photos you’ve taken in a year and now compare that to the number you’ve printed. Better yet, why not invest in real photographic prints bound into a beautiful hard-cover coffee table book, wrapped in a linen cover and extra protected with a dustcover? It is a centerpiece in a room, a gathering point for friends and family to sit around and swap stories.
Here are the names of each image: ultimate coffee table photo books the best books in my collection.

We've rounded up the best coffee table reads to cover all interests, from fashion and design, to music and photography, to keep you and your guests entertained cover to cover. You only need some skills for this project, like the ability to stack and occasionally re-stack of hard books to your temporary creation. The idea of stacked book coffee table is better than just storing your books on shelves, put them to work.The coffee table will act as the centerpiece of the room, so you have to make sure you can make the great one using those books. By creating a coffee table, it will make a great showcase for books of all sizes, ages and styles. And it will just show to the guests who visit your house, the intelligence side of you.There are some steps that you can carry out actually. You can measure the size between your coffee table that you would make and the length of your couch.

Last, for the flat surface, you can use either the beveled glass or woods board that specially designed for table surfaces.
But you should think more about the size of your stacked book coffee table, since it needs good calculation to prevent the tables fell off or destroyed.

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