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Did you look at WRAP – WoodRanch Agile Projects, a full featured agile project management tool.
Take your scrum management tool with you wherever you go. Check the status of your projects everywhere, anytime. If database is installed in your environment, you will need API installed as well (for OnSite). ADD (Asshole Driven Development): Any team where the biggest jerk makes all the big decisions is asshole driven development.
Test driven development is a particular approach to writing code where the tests are written at the same time as the code and involves constant refactoring. With acceptance test driven development the focus is verifying work is done by passing acceptance tests. BDD is written in business language so it will usually be focused on end-to-end functional testing (E2E in your diagram).
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Is there any reason why mostly technology deprived planets are pictured in the Star Wars movies? Would a hack for a competitive video game look good on a resume, or would it call into question my ethics? It is more than writing JUnit test cases, it is a software development method: first I write "what" I want, second "how" I want it. The term is usually means to write unit tests first and ATDD to write acceptance tests first. Because of its association with XP, TDD is historically associated with the unit test level. The key enhancement with BDD is the introduction of a domain specific language that is very accesible to business users.
As pointed out in other responses, TDD, ATDD, and BDD are methods of creating tests, whereas the triangle you presented is a representation of the areas of code under test.
Some are free, some are paid, some are going by the new business model called “Freemium” in which you get a distilled version of the software but to get all the awesome features and scaleability you have to pay.
WRAP allows integrated management of user stories, tasks, defects, iterations and releases for organizations of all sizes.

BDD is a different method, where the customer draws up what she wants in steps, however the steps can be implemented and run in a TDD fashion. It seems to me that it is very time consuming if we write acceptance TDD for every story so I want to know if this is actually used?
However, it is possible to apply it at other levels of testing (such as functional E2E level testing).
BDD will typically be more at the functional test level as that is natural outcome of working with a business focused language.
ATDD is close in concept to BDD, but with a stronger focus on the testing aspect as validation.
Typically TDD is in the unit level, ATDD and BDD are in the integration layer, and BDD alone lives in the E2E layer. It would be perfectly possible to do BDD in a way that was compliant with ATDD or to do ATDD in a way that was compliant with BDD.

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