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The Bicycle Rider backs are the USPCC's standard deck of cards, and are perhaps the most recognized card backs in the world.
To go along with the name, the back features a symmetrical image of cupid riding upon a bicycle.
Numerous colors of Rider backs exist, most of which have been produced by third party companies. The Green, Orange, Gold, Silver, Turquoise and Fuschia Rider Back were produced by italian Vincenzo Di Fatta, who also have produced a Rainbow Rider Back. Standard Bicycle playing card deck with a Brand new look from United States Playing Card Company!

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The cards are designed either red or blue, and the design outside of the picture features multiple hearts, curved plants and a cupid planted in each corner. United States Playing Card Company offers the Magic and Custom markets a product that has the flexibility to change the back design.
The spade is decorated with a dotted design and stars, and the center features a symbol of lady liberty.

The Maiden Back offers the same great durability, feel and appearance as the “famed” Rider Back design and will also feature the famous Bicycle Ace of Spades and the Traditional Bicycle Joker.
Simply called Bicycle, the cards were officially given that name and brought into production.

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