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There’s something romantic and rustic about a farm.  Don’t you find yourself gazing with intrigue at barns in differing states of repair as you drive down the interstate and think there must be a story behind it? It’s no wonder that integrating farm elements such as sliding barn doors into a home adds oodles of character as well as functionality.  Sliding barn doors can be rustic and earthy, or modern and sleek. First, this is a house down the street from me that was converted from a barn to a post-and-beam home.  I adore the painting of a cow peeked out behind a sliding barn door. Here’s another example of a sliding barn door adding character to a home – this one is about a mile down the road.
And here’s one I saw on vacation at Cape Cod this summer.  I love how the out-building mimics the windows of the home. Like something a bit brighter?  How about this example from Southern Living?  This was from the 2009 Texas Idea Home.  Sure makes me smile as big as Texas! I would paint the white door in the white wall cherry red if it were my house, but I’m a red girl!

I’ve never really given barn doors much thought, but this was a great tour of ideas and options. I’d probably opt for the wood version because of kids fingerprints, but there are many companies that do this sort of thing. There are some places that sell old doors that can be used for this…I like the idea of re-purposing.
I love them…I get a lot of questions about where to find them, so if you have any tips, please share! Has anyone figured out where you can actually buy these decorative barn doors like the white one, charcoal grey one, and yellow ones shown? It’s always been a fascination of what it would be like to live in a horse barn so this idea can bring the context into designing. I’d love to see it – would you be willing to email me a photo that I can post on the site?

I REALLY wanted to add one with windows to our hallway to close off the living room when it’s not in use. I’d paint the black door cherry red and put an orange vase on the table in the view behind. We carved out a small space into the adjacent room (like you would a closet) and added this poplar door with regular old barn door hardware.

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