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Handmade from Oak sleepers, these coffee tables comprise of 4 or 5 beams of Oak slotted together using simple chunky grooves to make a cool and contemporary coffee table that celebrates the natural twists, knots and splits in the Oak. Cut from solid green Oak timbers, this cool and contemporary side table celebrates the natural twists, knots and splits in the Oak. Our chunky wooden Lamp Table is a traditionally classic piece which not only looks great but is useful and easy to care for as well. Similar to our chunky 2 and 3 Step Coffee Tables but A LOT BIGGER, The Big One makes a real impact! The Pedastal Table is a seriously chunky Coffee Table which appears to float above the floor thanks to its cantilevered beams. The chunky Step TV stand is strong and sturdy enough to support even the biggest flat screen tv's. The chunky Stretch TV stand is strong and sturdy enough to support even the biggest flat screen tv's. If you’re looking for a large oak coffee of the very highest quality, we specialise in building stunning oak beam tables that will make your room look amazing.
Each stage of the build process has one single purpose which is to make and keep your table looking as naturally beautiful as possible.
This is done by firstly removing the grey weathered layer from each of our stock beams so we can choose the most similar beams to build your table from. Then the most stunning faces and edges of the beams are chosen for your table top and from then onwards we work carefully to reveal and smooth out the natural features and curves of the beams. We aren’t a mass-production oak beam table workshop like most of our competitors who churn out up to 700 tables each year.
Oak beams of this thickness will dry and crack once in your home, so its essential that a table is designed especially to allow this to happen.
Tarzan Tables are designed to allow the oak beams to age completely naturally, which means the oak in your table will develop a beautiful character whilst maintaining all of its huge inherent strength. Its normal in an oak beam table for the top to become uneven or wobbly as the beams change shape, so we’ve added adjustable feet to each beam which means that your table top can remain rock solid for life.
To preserve the beautiful appearance and feel of the oak, your table will be protected in your choice of a durable Natural or rustic Dark Oak finish. This hard wax oil finish has the resilience to protect a solid oak floor so it protects an oak table better from spills and stains than a conventional oil or wax finish.
The right dimensions for your table will mean that it fits your space perfectly, enhancing the look of the room whilst being in easy reach from all of your seating. A quick and easy way to work out your ideal table size is to mark out the table top outline using tape on the floor.
Once you have your ideal size you can see the prices of the different table designs in every possible size in our price list (go to the bottom of this page for immediate price list access).
If you’re interested in large coffee tables with storage, the Arabica also comes with a toughened glass shelf as you can see below, which makes it both practical and fitting for a more contemporary setting.

The Amazonica is our most popular large square coffee table and it has what we call a floating table top.
This style of large oak coffee table makes an exceptional centre-piece to any space, exhibiting the natural beauty of the oak beams whilst giving the room an original style. We understand that buying a piece of furniture without seeing and touching it means taking a bit of a risk.
All of our tables are delivered and assembled for you by the team that built them, ensuring that they are displayed exactly as they have been shaped by hand. You can read the testimonials on this page from some of the clients who have experienced the amazing transformation of their room by investing in a Tarzan table. To offer you the best value, we review all of our prices each month as we add new products to the collection.
If any of our tables would be perfect for your room then just give us a call on 01752 936 123 or go to our Contact Us page. We are absolutely delighted with our table - it is so well made and has quickly become the feature point in our lounge!
Hear the name Tarzan and you’ll almost certainly think of the jungle cry that you have definitely attempted at some point and realised how stupid you sound.
Simple is Beautiful If you’re looking for a solid oak side table that really adds character to a room, there is not much that is more stunning that a simple piece of 100% natural oak.
Round outdoor coffee tables attract people with their shape, smoothness and unpretentiousness. Large round outdoor coffee tables can be hard to move, but they’re a lot better than small coffee tables. Handmade from Pine sleepers and finished in our signature Dark Oak wax, this coffee table comprises of 6 individual tables that can be arranged to suit your individual needs and tastes.
This Coffee Table comprises of 10 solid Pine sleepers, is handmade and finished in our signature Dark Oak wax.
The single shelf comes in handy to support your black boxes and more can be added at your request. Every part of our design and build process has one single purpose – to ensure each table ages like a fine wine.
The result is that your table is unlike any other and the table top beams will be contoured together to form a single flowing natural oak table. Instead we give each individual table the attention to detail you would expect in the finest oak furniture, hand-building around 120 tables a year. Cracks will open and new features will appear in the beams as they move and settle, taking around 12-18 months to dry and acclimatise to your home. This is a unique feature for Tarzan Tables that makes our high quality oak beam tables stay strong and solid for life. Your table will still have a furniture-quality finished look and completely natural feel, but much more practical than a conventional oak table because the durability of the finish means there will be no need to re-coat the table as often as you would with a oiled or waxed finish.

Once you have the position and the size you’re happy with just measure the length and width of the tape.
That means that the table legs are set back under the table, giving the table top a floating appearance. This large square oak coffee table is based on an far-eastern design and can be built to a conventional coffee table height.
So for immediate access to our current price list brochure, containing every table design and size, just fill in your details below and you’ll arrive on our price list page.
Delivery service very good - the guys that assembled table were so patient as we decided upon the best position!!
Maybe you have seen one you like already or you’re just looking around for inspiration and want to know what to look out for or avoid at all costs. From the first sight these tables seem to be very plain, but this feeling may very depending on the material they’re made off.
Surround them with low benches or loungers fitting the tables’ design and get ready to listen to your astonished and delighted guests’ exclamations.
For instance, round outdoor coffee tables with umbrella holes and umbrellas themselves staying in the middles of the tables may save your guests from rainstorm. They can be suitable for big parties and small gatherings, for corporate parties and family chill-outs.
It's a contemporary piece of furniture which uses traditional techniques and sustainably sourced wood. Or as it was originally designed as a large low coffee table for floor-seating, the perfect focal point of a room for social gatherings.
You have complete peace of mind if you invest in one of our tables because you table comes with a 14 Day Money-Back Guarantee. It is really nice to have a finished product delivered by polite and professional gentleman.
Outdoor round cocktail tables are usually made of wood which reminds guests about seaside parties of California or Hawaii. Handmade from Pine sleepers and finished in our signature Dark Oak wax, these coffee tables comprise of 2 or 3 individual tables that can be arranged to suit your individual needs and tastes. Many thanks for such personal caring service and advice throughout the process of our purchase.

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