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Features casters for easy mobility, center divider for separating items and a handy size for both adults and children to gain access. Construction of a 1500m² high bay warehouse extension on a live site with a client requirement to remain operational seven days a week during the construction period. Your use of this website constitutes acknowledgement and acceptance of our Terms & Conditions. The Big Green Box takes every precaution necessary to ensure that all goods are protected whilst in storage. The Big Green Box takes every precaution to ensure that all goods are protected whilst in storage. Passports, registration cards or driving license copies are all accepted as identification cards. The Big Green Box premises are protected by electric fencing, laser beams and armed security guards.
A penalty fee of ZMW50 will be charged for each false alarm resulting from a client accessing their container and setting the alarm off.
In addition to all other security measures, clients are provided with serialised security seals. The Big Green Box sells compulsory insurance for goods stored at their Twin Palms site, which starts at an affordable ZMK25 per 28 days.
The Big Green Box has negotiated an affordable insurance contract with Professional Insurance. Contents with a value greater than ZMW260,000 need to be inspected by a member of Professional Insurance.
The company encourages clients to be meticulous in the itemisation and pricing of their containerised goods.
If you have the container delivered to you, the delivery charge is dependent on the site and starts at approximately ZMW800 (VAT Excl) for sites within Lusaka, this includes drop off and pick up at the end of the storage period. San Diego storage company partners with Rady Children’s Hopsital and Star 94.1 for annual toy donation drive.
Big Box Storage, Inc., a San Diego portable storage company, is pleased to announce that it has donated all of the storage space needed to store over 100,000 children toys as to be collected via the upcoming “AJ’s Kids Crane” event in San Diego. For the tenth year in a row, AJ Machado, morning show host for San Diego radio station 94.1, will be lifted up on a scissor lift crane where he will “reside” until more than 105,000 new and unwrapped toys are collected for patients of Rady Children’s Hospital in San Diego.

Started in 2002, San Diego storage company Big Box Storage offers residents of cities throughout San Diego County with a storage service like no other.
Reach out to the author: contact and available social following information is listed in the top-right of all news releases.
Big Green Box containers can be rented out on a short or long term basis, from as little as $70 deposit.
Deposits are returned on the 28th day at close of business, provided containers are left in good condition.
These shelving blocks are also rented out for a 28 day rental fee. Each block has two 60cm deep shelves, one 80cm high and the second 160cm high.
Therefore, clients are required to leave a copy of their identification card, and photo ID of anyone else granted access to their storage containers. Any changes to client details, authorised persons or storage insurance terms must be communicated in writing. ID will be checked twice at The Big Green Box premises, once by security and once by a Big Green Box member of staff.
CCTV is constantly monitored by the company’s security head office and a rapid response team is available when there is a breach at any level. This is because the security company has to respond by vehicle to each and every alarm that goes off. The Big Green Box sells high quality ABUS locks specifically designed for container security. These are put in place by the client at the end of every visit and are witnessed as being intact by the client at the beginning of the next visit.
In the case of motor vehicles in storage, inspections have to be done in each and every aspect. Goods are only insured whilst they are inside the container.
Both the correct estimation of goods and the updating of the schedule (whenever the goods in the container change) are the responsibility of the client.
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The crane is lifted 40-feet above ground and holds an 8’ x 10’ platform, which then serves as AJ’s home until the annual toy collecting goal is achieved. At the conclusion, the storage units will then be transported back to the Big Box Storage facility in San Diego for secure, indoor storing.
It will begin on the morning of Friday, November 4th, 2011 and will continue until AJ reaches his goal.

Their unique portable storage concept allows customers to fulfill their storage needs without ever having to leave their home or business. Hire and use them at the Twin Palm premises or have them delivered to use as secure storage on your own site. Aptly named, The Big Green Box is one of the first storage facility companies in Zambia. However, the weather can sometimes be severe, so clients are advised to take extra measures by protecting valuables with plastic insulation. However, as Zambian weather can sometimes be severe, the company advises clients to take extra measures by protecting valuables with plastic insulation. Clients who have items particularly sensitive to heat can rent a container with an alububble ceiling.
Whilst this may seem time-consuming, the procedure is in place for the protection of client property.
When purchased, these locks belong to the client and can be taken when the lease period is complete.
To cover the cost of additional seals, a nominal fee will be charged if clients exceed eight visits within the 28 day block.
Throughout the coming year, Big Boxes containing the toys will be delivered to Rady Children’s Hospital as needed. They take every precaution to ensure that all goods are protected whilst in storage. Clients who choose to keep their goods within the premises have access during office hours. The alububble absorbs 95% of the heat and will make a significant difference to the internal temperature of the container.
This is compounded daily for each day the client is overdue until the eviction date, which is 14 days after the payment was due. Clients who choose to make use of individual alarm systems will receive a 40% discount on their insurance premiums. They are also very proactive with their blogs, e-newsletters, events, offers and news channels.
Clients are welcome to use their own locks to secure their container provided they meet the security standards of The Big Green Box.

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