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As condos continue to be a popular choice for home buyers in Toronto, design trends for small spaces have emerged as their own category of interior design. Today, these beds are available in a variety of sizes and are just as comfortable as a typical mattress and box spring set – without taking up as much space! While we’re on the topic of beds, another popular trend we’re seeing in condos with small spaces is built-in furniture. To make your patio a true urban oasis, consider installing outdoor flooring, like this wooden patio flooring from IKEA. If you’re looking at condos for sale in Toronto with small spaces, furnishing them may seem like a challenge. ReAdvice brings you top real estate advice and news from the most credible Canadian real estate sources on the internet. Follow Us, Stay in tune with the market in Toronto, Thornhill, Markham and surrounding areas. How Much Will My Deal Toy Cost?A breakdown on some of the expected costs when ordering a deal toy. Custom deal toy commemorating the acquisition of Illinois-based Plano Molding Co., a supplier of outdoor sports storage systems.
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Show off their collections - If your little onea€™s an avid collector of anything from toy cars to Moshi Monsters, mini shelves are a great way to display individual pieces, creating an eye-catching effect thata€™s almost like 3D wallpaper.Inspiration for an eclectic hallway in Dallas with white walls.

For extra storage and counter space, the couple added this freestanding cabinet and bar made from stainless steel and butcher block. Pick a theme and play with it - Red is used as a unifying shade in this display of toy trains. Click the button below to add the Autographed Joseph Carter 16x20 Framed World Series Swing Photo Toronto Blue Jays AUCARTERJ16FS to your wish list.
We first noticed this phenomenon when websites like Apartment Therapy became popular, and now love seeing this design trend get the full-blown attention it deserves. This uncomfortable, creaky monstrosity would be pulled down whenever your family went to visit, and it was always you – the kid – who had to try and sleep on it. Loft beds are one of the most-seen examples of this – built either above another small room, such as the kitchen or bathroom, or with empty space below for an office or living room. When you think of balcony customization, you probably imagine the typical patio accoutrements, like furniture and potted plants. Fortunately, there are a number of ways you can now maximize and customize your space. Follow these tips and you’ll be designing your way to a happy home in no time. The space is organized by age, and staff are friendly and available to help you choose from a variety of items that you're unlikely to find at the big chains. It sits in front of Keasler and Gibb's toy wall a€” an impressive collection of limited-edition designer toys. Nearly any type of small toy looks really cool in multiples lined up on rows of floating shelves. Although the trains are not identical colours, the white shelves, red chairs and pops of bold red running through the display give this symmetrical scene a colour-themed feel.Inspiration for a small contemporary study room in Orange County with travertine floors and beige walls.
Ever since Toronto’s first micro-condos became available last year, we’ve been on the lookout for new and exciting trends specific to condos with small spaces. If this sounds familiar, you’ll be happy to know that Murphy beds have come a long way since then.

We also see a lot of built-in desks, which means you don’t need to walk around another bulky piece of furniture. One of our favourites was a coffee table that transforms into a dining table – perfect for hosting a dinner party.
If you have a bike that’s taking up too much space, consider suspending it from the ceiling when it’s not in use. While these items do give your balcony personality, there’s a new trend hitting the markets that really gives your condo balcony the “wow” factor.
Each My First Game Ticket Frame Includes:• Place Holder For Your Game Ticket That Utilizes Professional-Grade Mounting Corners To Preserve The Condition And Value of Your Ticket (Sample Ticket Shown Not Included).
Pinocchio, seen here, meets a toy semi-trailer, sailboats and a vintage cyclist for an eye-catching shelf display.Eclectic gender-neutral kids' room in Amsterdam with white walls.
Try this with toy cars, plastic animals, dollhouse furniture, Lego people or anything else your child has a collection of. The same strategy can be used for other bulky recreational items including skis, surfboards and kayaks. The key is limiting it to one type of toy a€” a random assortment just won't have the same effect.Mid-sized contemporary kids' room for boys in Toronto with gray walls and carpet. These double duty pieces are generally more expensive than their single function counterparts, but since they’re doing two jobs the extra cost can be justified.

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