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I think Thule's fit tool is wrong because any trunk mount would have to hang on the spoiler, and I'm not comfortable with that.
Only downside I've found to the hitch rack is it sticks out the back pretty low to the ground so I have to be careful on dips or steep transitions to avoid scraping it. Soon, however, I'll be buying a hitch and trailer to carry my tracking paraphernalia around rather than in my car, at which point I'll buy a hitch-mount rack for it. I've seen people have luck with using a peice of like 4 inch pvc going right under the spoiler to keep the pressure distributed over the glass and not on the edge of the spoiler.
I did this set up in my MKIV Golf and i didn't put any support on the rear bumper and it caused a huge deformed dent!! I just bought the VW (votex) base bars from my dealership which there is a $30 mail in rebate for till the end of June from VW!!! I have a Yakima rack on my blk 2door with the pitch fork bike rack, fairing and big powderhound snowboard rack. I've got pics of the rack without anything on it if you want those, if you want pics with bike mounted I can grab some this weekend. A roof rack is the first thing I buy for any new car, as I carry my bike a few times a week all year, and skis during winter.
As mentioned, the OEM rack is made by Thule, but it utilizes their aero bars instead of their regular square bars. Some people prefer the OEM rack for its small roof contact point as it reduces the possibility of scratching.
594 Sidearm Trays: I've been using these trays for 4-5 years, and they have barely been changed since. I am really not that mechanically inclined and installed this entire rack in my garage by myself in 1 hour. Oh, and if you felt like you were getting ripped off, just so you know, the Yakima Lock Cylinders and Fairings are practically the exact same price as Thule's. Yesterday we received our complete Thule rack system with the Atlantis 1600XT cargo box (trip to OBX and a baby = need more luggage space). I just bought a full Thule setup almost exactly like the OP's, with square 50 inch load bars, the 44 inch fairing, and two Sidearm roof bike carriers. The OP's post really helped me figure out what specific parts to get, especially the right size fairing. I already had the Sidearm hitch rack which was used back when my family had SUVs with trailer hitches, but it's a 2 inch receiver, not a 1.25 inch. Can you please share with me where to get the hitch shown in the photo (the part for matching with the yakima bike rack at the rear underneath the bumper)?

How difficult is it to install and remove the thule rack, if I will only use it a couple times a month? I'm most interested in an easily removable roof rack, but most seem to be designed for the 4 door, instead of 2. Now, on my WRX, I have the Yakima roof racks, bike rack and fairing and I dont hear it really. What is the difficulty level of installing a hitch, and does it impact ground clearance at all?
A roof rack or carrier provides additional cargo space and may allow you to meet your needs with a smaller car.
This is true I see about a 5% decrease in mileage with bikes on my roof and about 3% with just the roof rack. I wasted a lot of money buying OEM racks, only to find out a year later that I couldn't put two bikes + a box on the roof . 2.) test fit your roof rack and adjust the feet where you want them (ON BOTH 2 AND 4 DOORS MOUNT TO the FRONT SCREW CLOSEST TO THE WINDSHIELD IT LOOKS BETTER) But don't bolt it down yet!
With those mounts, I actually have to mount one inside the tower, and one on the outside (you can see what I mean with the pic of the mounts on my Jetta below).
A few buddies and I went riding to Noble Canyon yesterday (thats me in the black jersey on the left! VW also makes a bike attachment that mounts onto their base bars that you can purchase seperately.
The yakima and thule are both so easy to remove you can clean the area and remount no problem. Basically principles on aerodynamics, especially on a car that's already not exactly streamlined.
While I like the Yakima faring (plus the amount it cuts down windnoise) I think I like the OEM rack best. So with it you need adapters to make some carriers work, and some things like fairings simply won't go on without some creativity on your part. I prefer the larger foot of their regular rack as more contact=more stable, and when I'm carrying $12k worth of bikes up there that's important to me. I'm mechanically inclined and I spent I kid you not about 4-5 hours putting my rack on and 3 of those hours was scratching my head at the wordless (and worthless) instructions. I am looking to put a hitch on mine for bike rack purposes just don't want one too low or too much showing. Something easily removable would probably be most ideal, but am just curious as to my options right now.

The Thule and Yakima ones look a bit too much like scaffolding in my opinion, a bit too universal-fit.
And there is a very simple way to guarantee no scratches, regardless of what brand rack you buy. I bought the parts at REI, which actually had everything in stock, except for the aero oval load bars. My bike fits inside the hatch with theirs on top, and we can still fit three in comfortably with the double rear seat folded down. Reduce aerodynamic drag and improve your fuel economy by placing items inside the trunk whenever possible. The only real recommendation I followed from Yakima is how far to have the front pillar from the top of the windshield. Get yourself a couple of feet of clear bra material and apply it under where the feet tough the roof and voila, no scratches. It was so bad in fact I emailed thule asking them why they felt the need to make a pictures only (very poorly explained pictures btw) manual.
Reason for sale is that I am going to get a hitch installed and will use a hitch-mounted rack instead. I have a kayak trailer, but would also like the option of carrying it on the roof for short trips. The rest you can pretty much eyeball and it would actually vary depending on what you're carrying. If you are dicking me for $80 for a fucking piece of plastic you call a fairing and another $80 for lock cylinders that if were for a house door would have been less than $3 each, you can at least speak MY language. So, anyone reading this who's currently shopping for racks, yakima or thule, NOT OEM if you want any amount of versatility!Not knocking OEM, it has it's place. But I put small marks in my door sills near the rubber to mark centers so I get them back in the same spot each time.
It is stashed up in my garage so I can't take pictures right now, but I will later for serious buyers. Maybe I can try to get a pic up tonight, but my car is super dirty as I was driving around some gravel roads all weekend.

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