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I need to get another frame so I said to my boyfriend yesterday OH WE NEED TO GO TO IKEA SOON and oh my gosh, the look of doom he gave me.
I'm not going to argue that it is, or was ever, the rational or tasteful choice, but it's not quite as rare as you think.
Best off just waiting until Habitat or John Lewis or somewhere has one of their massive sales and find something nice with 75% off that is just about affordable. Painting your front door a bright colour is a quick and easy way of adding individuality to the front of your home. I’m already pretty tired of painting trim and walls and ceilings (oh my!), so I might break my promise and skip to something a little more fun. And before I get into the post, let me just state before you make any assumptions, I am NOT affiliated with Sherwin Williams in any way, shape, or form. You grabbed me with the title; it was the one I was thinking of using when painting our front door black. When I tried to name the post, The Rolling Stone lyric would not stop running though my head.
We are going to be painting our bedroom a medium grey and perhaps a black door might look great in there. I think the door colours make an otherwise boring hallway into an interesting and character filled transition space. Check the unpainted side if you like the finish, and if you don’t abandon this project by putting the hinge back until you get replacements.
I did get black paint on my hinges, but I am going to be replacing the hinges so I didn’t care.
I used SW paint for the first time in our living room last week and I think I’m in love!
I saw yur ast post about the peeling doors and used primer before painting my bedroom doors. It even became a bit of a trend in the US where tenants were installing it over the top of their landlords' carpets.
If You need ideas about materials, colors, furniture, decoration object to use in the Living room decoration, Hallway interior design this is the article to read.
Here, a chartreuse front door contrasts with the hall recess painted in Off-Black by Farrow & Ball. And I am going to throw about twenty different topics at you tonight (okay, maybe 3) but I felt like it wasn’t quite enough info to break into three posts. I just love their paint and have decided that I will use their brand exclusively for the new house. And I couldn’t wait to move so I could do it again (this time with the correct paint).

SW has all the Benjamin Moore colors in their system, so I just told them the color and brand and they were able to mix it right up. She has been painting her basement doors this color and I thought it looked like a perfect black so I just went with it. The ceiling is also the usual Alabaster in flat finish in the Super Paint line which is a paint-and-primer-in-one (the only paint-and-primer-in-one I have ever found that I actually like is from Sherwin Williams).
I prefer Sherwin Williams paint so I went to Lowe’s, grabbed a paint swatch in this color, then took it into SW and had them color match it. My husband and I just moved and I painted every room (but the bathroom and now i’m ready to paint the bathroom and its only been 2 months!).
It will be easier to write down a color name than keeping a pile of paint lids with formulas out in the garage.
We painted all of ours in the basement a deep charcoal gray but they look black in the light sometimes!
In a pot you no longer wish to ever use ever again, just fill it with regular water, and turn the flames up to max.
If it’s the outside I would definitely use a more durable paint like an oil-based one.
If you want to keep your hinges nice, you can put painters tape over them and carefully cut around the hinge with an exacto knife. The selected designs are designed by from Architects one of the best Architecture and Design studios in the world. So, basically, I decided in the old house to paint my doors black, but I painted a latex (water-based) paint on top of an oil-based paint, so the latex paint (the black coat) peeled right off.
She said she bought the paint in a Satin finish to keep them from looking too shiny, so that’s what I did as well. I’m still not done with everything, I realllllly wanna paint my front porch ceiling and floor. All the doors will be black in this house before I’m done (except I might keep the closet doors inside the rooms white). Run a utility knife around the edge of the hinge to separate the paint on the hinge from the paint on everything else, and take a hinge off a door after properly supporting them from the underside (so you don’t bend the other hinge). As for dust, doors get dirty either way, so paint it what you love and just hose it off once a month or so! Anyway I as just at Shermin Williams and they told me yu can paint latex right over oil based but not oil over latex. Definitely the worst flooring decision I've seen since I went round my ex-girlfriends new gaff for the first time and noted that the hallway was laminated flooring that had simply been laid over the pre-existing carpet.
I told y’all I was going to paint this house top to bottom before I did anything else to it.

However, I have had them satin finish for about a week now, and the scuffs and hand prints all over them look terrible. It sure made for an interesting Labor Day party though when I had to tell all the guests when using the restroom to shut the door, stuff a scarf into the hole, and pray no one barged in on them.
But if you do like the finish, and it matches your other hardware, then proceed to gently let them sink into the water as open faced as possible, and let the hinge sit as you go grab another hinge from another door.
So when I mention SW like 25 thousand times in this post, I am not doing it as a promotional post. After a week of peeling and scraping, I finally had all 20 door sides peeled and ready to paint again. I am hands-down going to go back over them with a semi-gloss in the same color, just to give them a tougher finish. So instead, I just slide a piece of cardboard or posterboard under the door while I paint along the bottom of the door. When you get back with the next hinge, take the first one out of the water with some cheap throw away plastic tongs, and drop in the next one. I surprised a lot of you by painting them all white again (oil-based primer followed by the latex white paint). It protects the carpet from drips and allows you to get your paint brush right up along the edge. My friends know I’m nust-o about DIY though and just assume whenever they come over there will be some shenanigan going on. Make sure to use a cheap ugly towel, not your countertop, to set the boiled hinge on to cool. However, I didn’t say at the time, but in the midst of this fiasco we decided we were going to move.
We didn’t know how long it would take to find a house and sell ours, so we opted to stay quiet about it. Black doors are very polarizing, you either love or hate them, so I just put the doors white again to appeal to a larger audience when selling the house. If you’re having trouble getting it to start peeling, just rub at the edges of the paint with your fingertips.

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