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DC Comics x Domo Mystery Mini Series 1 includes Dark Knight Batman, Classic Batman, New 52 Batman, Classic Superman, Clark Kent, New 52 Superman, Classic Robin, New 52 Robin, Two-Face, The Riddler, Green Lantern, The Flash, Aquaman and Shazam!
The series, based on the Shawnimals dumpling character known as Wee Sticker, began years ago with something that few ? if any ? tried before: A mini plush, handmade blind boxed series. Each Minecraft blind box houses a mystery miniature figure, but the big question is which one is it? They are only a few inches tall, the characters to collect include: Steve with a pickaxe,Creeper,Skeleton, Enderman, Steve gold armor, snow Golem, cow, Iron Golem, Dyed sheep (red), Zombie villager, Cat and the rare Horse. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Please Note: These are "blind boxed" items - meaning, you don't get to choose what assortment of figure(s) you'll receive.

Vinyl Figure Series, which features Domo-kun, the adorable open-mouthed ursine-like Japanese stop-motion television mascot, re-imagined as the DC Universe’s greatest heroes, then you’re really going to love their new DC Comics x Domo Blind Box Mini Figure Series! Designs are a sweet mix of classic styles found in past plush series, along with many new designs never seen before. Shawnimals and myplasticheart teamed up for this special release in-store and online, and it sold out in minutes. You've been patiently waiting for this one, no doubt because of the sheer amount of dumpling delight in each and every case of Shawnimals' dumplings! For fans of the game this is the ultimate box that could contain any of the characters for you to collect.
All your favorites are here including Latte, Choco, and Leche, along with two new figures - Yo and Bocconcino.

Please understand that due to the production process, variations may occur from figure to figure.
This items makes for a great gift, collectable or Kids toy, you choose, each figure is well made with great craftsmanship and design. Pocket Pork dumpling mini vinyl are born from this, and from a love of making cute and kind of weird food-based characters, finally widely available.

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