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Everything goes in the storage compartment: Power strips, AC adapters, USB hubs, external hard drives, routers, chargers, and even a MacMini server along with the many accompanying cables. A traditional table with a modern twist, this quality built timeless design features solid mahogany legs and details.
Questa cassetta a forma di telefono e funzionale e pratica per nascondere i cavi e gli alimentatori del tuo cellulare, lettore mp3 o una fotocamera digitale.

Il tappetino scorrevole di studiodesk ti permette di nascondere ordinatamente tutti i cavi e i dispositivi sotto il piano di lavoro, all'interno di un apposito vano.
Perfetto per completare l'installazione audio-video domestica, il proteggi-cavi stile line cover double di meliconi permette di nascondere le connessioni filari tra le varie periferiche. This desk is durable with white laminate along workspaces and solid mahogany legs and details provide long-lasting use and style.

I was worried about the amount of space for all the messy cables, as I have loads of them for my various gadgets, devices but I was relieved that everything managed to fit inside!

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