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Open layouts are becoming more and more popular, making up the majority of today's bestselling plans. Kitchen Area The most important area of any food service restaurant, your kitchen area should include space for all the equipment you need to cook your meals, as well as accommodate the chefs needed to prepare the food. Dining Area Laying out your dining area is a fine line between having enough room to accommodate as many patrons as possible, while allowing enough room so people can eat comfortably.
January 3, 2012 by Liza Graves Today’s post is written by Stephanie Van Hoesen, the lovely owner of Nest Interiors in Edgehill Village. Many people are sad the day the Christmas decorations go back to the attic and the house is left empty. Call me crazy, but I actually love winter. I love any excuse to be at home more and enjoy the simple things.
If you have Christmas decorations that are white, woodland inspired or made of organic materials, you can leave them out till March! A stack of antique books, white pillar candles and a collection of antique finds makes for a beautiful coffee table display.
Place grapewood or a manzanita branches on your dining table and surround it with mercury glass votive holders. Switch your Christmas wreath out with a rustic or woodland-inspired wreath for your front door. Cover your backyard trees with twinkle lights, make an outside fire, grab your favorite throw and enjoy the winter night. Burlap, linen, heavy cotton…layer the house in these wonderful materials to create texture. If you have empty planters, create a floral arrangement with branches and hanging tea-light holders. October 7, 2014 by Heidi Potter Any good Southerner (or Southern transplant) knows that historic homes that dot the lush area landscape frequently enjoy storied pasts. Such is the case with the Malvern House, an historic home in Louisville, Kentucky.
The story of Malvern House is a mainly a tale of women, for so many of the generations involved here only had one daughter. The land for the Malvern House was acquired by George Gaulbert, the great-great-grandfather of current resident Babs Rodes Robinson (Lee’s wife). Codman completed his design of the house in 1914, but the house was not finished until 1922. Barbara Collis married Joe Rodes, and they had two daughters: Babs and Mary (now deceased). Babs Rodes Robinson is the current resident of Malvern, since 2007, with her husband Lee Robinson and their three sons.

When Babs and Lee Robinson brought the house back into their family in 2007, buying it from Mrs.
The house needed a lot of work and updating, all of which Lee did while still keeping the general decor and feel of the house intact.
The original architect of the home, Ogden Codman, Jr., was best known for a treatise that he cowrote with famous author Edith Wharton.
The designer preferred French doors, placing them throughout the house as the front doors, terrace doors and interior doors.
A silver crest on the front door features the initials of Attilla Cox, builder of the home. The foyer was designed as a rectangle with black-and-white marble floors and plaster walls. Codman designed not one but two separate bathrooms on the first floor, similar to a private club.
The morning room is a treasure trove of beautiful china, art and collectibles that have been in the family for generations, and every piece has a story.
Homes with open floor plans combine the kitchen and adjacent living areas into a single, large gathering space where family members and guests can interact during the entire course of a visit, not just during the sit-down meal.
With a number of vital decisions to be made, planning your restaurant design does not have to be a chore. Factors such as the type of food you will be serving are just as important to your layout as behind-the-scenes areas such as the kitchen and staff quarters. So many wish they could keep the decorations up for a little while longer, but know the tree is a fire hazard and the neighbors are going to start complaining about the blinking Charlie Brown lights on the house.
Instead of ornaments, hang little lanterns throughout the house or place one large one in the entry way. Whether it’s cut logs, tiny branches or a stack of firewood, wood brings a wonderful element to your home. If its walls could talk, the home would share stories that anyone with a love for Southern living can appreciate. Robinson, a Louisville resident who is known for his impeccable style, his talent for design and his eye for the distinguished.
Their only child, Carrie Gaulbert Cox and her husband, local businessman Attilla Cox, Jr., actually built Malvern House. Barbara and Joe Rodes lived across the street from Malvern, and raised their daughters there. There was still a small utilitarian kitchen and servants’ dining quarters, which Lee modernized, along with the screened-in porch.
Published in 1897, the treatise, entitled The Decoration of Houses, outlined specific rules for the proper planning and finishing of interior residential spaces.

There are two engraved silver plates, one in the center of each front door window: the left plate has the crest of the Attilla Cox family, and the right has the crest of the Lee W. The result is a home that encourages a more modern relationship between the kitchen, traditionally considered a working zone, and formal spaces such as the living room and dining room. These sample restaurant floor plans allow you to express your creativity while making design decisions fun. These useful tips will help you to design your restaurant and keep hungry patrons happy so they will come back for more.
I love seeing candle light bounce around in lanterns, makes me think of foggy nights in Cape Cod. Fill them with pine-cones, acorns and twigs…sprinkle a little artificial snow on top and voila! Whether you burn the wood daily or you use it just for decoration, it adds a lot of wintry character. Most cities in the region have such a home, one that you may drive by frequently and wonder about its history, wishing you could take a quick peek inside.
He was the founder of the Peaslee-Gaulbert Corporation, one of the largest paint manufacturers in the country, inventors of ready-mix paint. They hired Frederick Law Olmsted, designer of Central Park in Manhattan and all of Louisville’s park system, to design the landscaping.
The living and dining rooms are to the north, the library and music room are to the west, and the breakfast room and service functions are to the east. Below is the ladies’ bathroom, complete with a sit-down vanity, mirrored panels and a chandelier. In fact, open floor plans elevate the kitchen to the heart and functional center of the home, often featuring an island that provides extra counter space and a snack bar with casual seating.
Robinson Company, a full-service design firm, and is the designer behind many of the most beautiful homes and spaces in Louisville, including his own. This company is credited with helping to rebuild the South after reconstruction by enabling people to paint their own homes. Harriet remained at Malvern until her death in 1992, the same year she sold the Malvern to a nonfamily member, Helen Combs (ex-wife of former Kentucky governor Bert Combs).
Codman had previously designed The Breakers, owned by Cornelius Vanderbilt II, and Kykuit, owned by John D.
Codman’s work on Malvern House for the Cox family would be the only project he ever did in Kentucky.

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