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The Brookside Shopping District, south of the Volker campus, baffles me because it is both relatively low-key and immensely popular at the same time. The quaint Tudor-style architecture and pedestrian scale create a chilled, relaxed atmosphere anyone can enjoy, which helps explain the neighborhood’s mass appeal.
Brookside’s convenient location and variety of stores, restaurants and bars make it a convenient niche for area residents and students alike. In 2005, The Roasterie opened at 63rd Street and Brookside Boulevard, and has since made a name for itself among Kansas City’s coffee connoisseurs. Roasterie coffee is air roasted, in contrast to the rotary drum technique most coffeehouses use. While the Roasterie’s espresso and latte drinks aren’t as sweet as what I have grown accustomed to drinking, the rich, fresh-roasted flavor of the Roasterie’s exotic blends blows Starbucks’ burnt-tasting drinks out of the water.
The interior of the Roasterie is contemporary and laid back with copious seating both inside and out. Frozen concretes are Foo’s specialty, and include a variety of fruit, chocolate, mint, fudge and candy bar flavors. My favorite is the Blue Devil, a combination of mint ice cream, raspberries and chocolate chips, which complement each other surprisingly well. Other Foo’s favorites include a selection of fruit-flavored frozen drinks, called “Slurries,” and a wide selection of sundaes, such as the “Turtle Creek,” topped with hot fudge, caramel and pecans. As the name implies, Jalapenos isn’t exactly authentic Mexican food, but whoever said something had to be authentic to be good was wrong.
The Mucho Chimichanga, a large, deep-fried cheesy tortilla filled with a choice of beef, chicken or pork and topped with sour cream, guacamole and a side of beans and rice, is my favorite.
An order of Sopapillas, a cinnamon flatbread served with honey, adds a nice finishing touch to the meal.
Menu specials includes classic American plates like chicken pot pie, meatloaf, philly steak sandwiches and chicken fried steaks.
Other Brookside favorites include the Blue Grotto pizza and wine bar, Sharpe’s 63rd Street Grill, Bella Napoli, an Italian restaurant and deli, and Pickermann’s Soup and Sandwhich.
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About U-NewsThe University News is published on Mondays by students of the University of Missouri-Kansas City.
4,000 free copies are distributed to the University, Plaza, Westport, Brookside, Midtown and Downtown areas.
No bookworm will be able to pass up on this wonderful side table made with a round tabletop supported by a stack of books.
Midtown Tulsa includes an area known as Brookside which extends from 31st to 51st Street along Peoria Avenue with Riverside Drive as the western boundary and Lewis as the eastern boundary.
The Brookside area is known for its trendy restaurants, night clubs, coffee shops, and a variety of locally-owned retail stores.
As the popularity of Brookside continues to increase, more and more homes are being updated and even new construction is found.
Have you ever wondered when they were going to discover a good-for-you treat that actually tastes as good as they say it would? They have several flavors of fruit in the chocolates including: dark chocolate acai with blueberry, dark chocolate pomegranate and dark chocolate goji with raspberry. I first discovered this incredibly sweet treat when acai (my favorite flavor of these chocolates) became top nutritional news after it was featured on Oprah a while back.
I also love that these chocolates are so easy to throw in a plastic bag and take with you for a pick-me-up snack during the day. A former soap star who admitted driving the getaway car in a gangland shooting has been jailed for perverting the course of justice. Faraji, 44.However, he was convicted of two counts of perverting the course of justice by lying to police in the early stages of the murder investigation and disposing of a pair of gloves he wore on the night. Jailed: Former Brookside actor Brian Regan, left, was cleared of murdering a nightclub doorman but was jailed for perverting the course of justice. The couple were arrested that night and Regan's efforts to distance himself from the shooting quickly unravelled. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. Regan is also accused of perverting the course of justice.Both men spoke only to confirm their names and addresses and were remanded in custody until a preliminary hearing at Liverpool Crown Court on April 18.

A third suspect, Edward Heffey, 40, from Dingle, Liverpool, was charged with murder earlier this month and will also appear at the Crown Court that day.Father-of-one Mr Faraji, originally from Iran, was killed outside the Belgrave Pub on February 24. Never mind celebs turning up to the opening of an envelope, how about the opening of a choc ice? The art deco font and 1930s-era DC-3 plane used in the Roasterie logo add to the unique ambiance, which beats the overplayed lounge feel of most coffee shops.
Tucked away at 6235 Brookside Plaza, I tried Foo’s for the first time this summer and, despite my dietary vigilance, had a hard time holding back afterward. Additional copies may be purchased for $1 each, payable at the University News office in advance. Tulsa homes in the Brookside area were built in the 1920s and another spurt in the 1950s for growing young families. Instead, they are surprisingly sweet, most likely due to the packed punch of fruit inside each little taste of heaven.
No person may, without prior written permission of the University News, take more than one copy of each week’s issue. Or you can also place this by your bed where you do your night reading before going to sleep.
Another is to punch a hole in the middle of the book and insert it one by one on a pole attached to the base of the table.
The little Brazilian berries are also chock full of antioxidants to combat aging and provide other benefits. Cocoa (the building block of chocolate) gives dark chocolate its bitter aftertaste because it is far less processed than traditional more sweetened milk chocolates. Goji berries, also called wolfberries, are another super fruit rich in antioxidants and Vitamin A. The more bitter it tastes, the more cocoa it has and the more beneficial flavanols can be found.

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