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Fuelled by a passion for all things audio, we thrive on providing a bespoke, innovative and forward thinking product.
Every track we compose is a delightfully laborious process that fires up our creative imagination and artistry. It not only installs atmosphere, sound helps construct a vision that teems with its own distinctive purpose. Boutique creative studio Neon team up with Woolmark to depict the wool production process from fleece to the finished garment.
In our first collaboration with London based creative agency Design Studio, we were invited to create the audio for a series of short films showcasing Head’s latest skiing line. In our second collaboration with neon, we were invited to provide a soundtrack for the opening titles for Stash's first Collider event in NYC.

One in a series of three conceptual brand films setting out Renault's pledge to their customers. We where invited by Saatachi &Saatchi to compose the music for their new range of adverts for the Bathstore. This package involved various idents, menus and beds that focus on thousands of physical TV3 logos. Working in collaboration with our clients, we constantly explore new and exciting ways to push the boundaries of how we communicate with sound. By consistently challenging ourselves and the conventional approach, we aim to create a distinctive and progressive sound.
With increasing demand placed on quality, we strive to produce music that fills the ears and minds of the audience for weeks to come.

After all, music immortalises a moment, defines a generation and transcends time itself, which is why we look to put the very best of ourselves into every piece we craft. From the hauntingly peaceful hush of tides at night, the desolate resonance of a solitary clock or even the distant bark of a dog, for us sound is as important as any other aspect of production.

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