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For the desk top I used a custom cut piece of MDF that I primed, painted and sealed (a must if you are using MDF).
To make the desk ergonomic I custom cut some of the remaining MDF into a keyboard tray and bought an articulating keyboard adjustable unit. TIP: You need to be careful with how you support MDF -- it is not as study as plywood and could crack if mishandled.
The fence post was cut (you can use a pipe cutter or a sawz-all -- or just have the home center do it for you) to just under the desktop height (measure a height that works for you) and then attached to the fittings.
The pipe is held in the fittings with a set screw that is tightened down with a standard allen wrench. Once the desk is in place, I adjusted the cross pieces to make sure that they were spaced properly and evenly.
In order to keep the pipe from ruining the floor, I also added some plastic pipe end caps to make the desk easier to move around. At the time of writing I have been using the setup for about two weeks and am very happy with how everything turned out. If you want to mess around with the desk in Sketchup I've created a sketchup model that you can use to help you with the design. I am interested in how you did the chair mat, did you just use normal laminate and just slip them together?
I’m designing my desk right now too and my last desk I made, I used those standard drawer style rails for my keyboard. Your paint + poly looks like a very nice finish and will easily be renewed after a couple of years of use.
The great part about using the fence post on the legs is that you can make the actual desk height any height you want. I think it is worth mentioning that Ikea does have a fairly configurable system called Galant that is actually rather similar in construction…but most importantly in price. As others have pointed out - Ikea’s legs can work as part of your own custom system, or you could integrage some Ikea components and others of your own. The fence post was cut (you can use a pipe cutter or a sawz-all — or just have the home center do it for you) to just under the desktop height (measure a height that works for you) and then attached to the fittings.
1) Primed with a NON WATER BASED – BIN Primer 2) Painted with an Indoor Latex Paint 3) Finished with a Polycrylic to provide a protective finish. Nice desk but I couldn't cope with the keyboard tray – when I'm at a desk I like to have my forearms and elbows resting on the desk if possible. Could you also build something higher like for standing so you could have like a bar stool situation, sit or stand?
Hey buddy, you wrote a great post on how to build ergonomic desk, I like the finished product, I may feature this on my blog.

The store employee actually suggested wood for the legs since I couldn't find those nice metalic pipes. I would like to get the dimensions of the desktop and the spacing and placement for the legs. I am probebly one of the worst handyman ever but i am going to try it based on what you showed & will post it. Yeah, I did actually build a shelf, but I did not have it attached when I documented the project. I don't think I can build a desk and ship it to you, but I can probably help get you connected with someone who can help you design the desk. Computer ergonomic keyboard reviews at custom build computers has been made easy for our users to read and understand what ergonomic keyboard is. Many companies try their best to create peripherals that are useful for people and at the same time lowering the risk of adverse health effects. An ergonomic keyboard is a personal computer keyboard fashioned with ergonomic factors to reduce muscle stress and a host of associated issues. Study states that you can encounter bone and joint issues if you use keyboard for an extended time frame. An ergonomic keyboard might decrease muscles stress and lower chance of carpal tunnel symptoms, there is however no obvious proof of advantage. The advantage of utilizing an ergonomic keyboard is the fact that for individuals who do a lot of typing in their work environment, the best keyboard can reduce the tension placed on the wrist and hands when typing on the keyboard.
A computer keyboard with broader margin of area could keep the hands in a natural placement. To put it simply, firms that make ergonomic split computer keyboard pattern the keyboards with uniqueness to suit the positioning of the wrist and palms while typing.
An ergonomic split keyboard offers one range of keys on one hand of the computer keyboard and another group on the other half. Rather than placing both hands inwards while typing on the keyboard, your center finger is nearly required to be in-line along with the wrist and lower arm, avoiding an unpleasant tension from the typical keyboard. If you have worked for more than 5 years and it involved typing of around 4 hours or more, it is time to consider buying a computer ergonomic keyboard. Building the foundation of the desk is as simple as cutting some pipe and using an Allen wrench.
The performance of a high quality jig saw with a sharp blade is astounding compared to a cheaper unit. Without paint, the first time you set a glass of water on your desk you'll really wish you hadn't!  The MDF grain swells very easily and also continues to put off dust.
I am going to build my own desktop soon, so I’ve bookmarked this article for future reference.

Without paint, the first time you set a glass of water on your desk you'll really wish you hadn't!  The MDF grain swells very easily and also continues to put off dust. I can give the mesurements and specifications so that you can send me a quote for your work.
Usually such keyboards are made in a V form, allowing left and right hands to do typing at a minor angle much more natural to the human style.
If the issue remains unattended it can become chronic problems like Tendonitis, Synovitis, Epicondylitis and Long-term arthritis. Producers declare ergonomic keyboards decrease accidental injuries, which after a user requires enough time to adapt to this style of keyboard, ergonomic key boards could make typing simpler, quicker and much less uncomfortable.
A keyboard which uses a divided layout eliminates any turning of the wrist and moved keys and parts will help decrease any stress in the hand and wrist area.
Rather than contouring both hands to the keyboard, the computer keyboard is adapted to the organic way both hands, fingertips and arm are situated while seated at the computer keyboard or computer.
The main advantage of using an ergonomic split keyboard is the fact you don't need to stress your wrist or hands as you type and you are able to keep them in a basic position.
When utilizing an ergonomic split keyboard, in addition, you will not be abnormally keeping your thumbs firm or maintaining your pinkies expanded up or in an outward direction.
Rather than vigorously pressing the computer keyboard keys, a computer ergonomic keyboard was created so that you will simply have to use a gentle touch to be able to type.
You tell us the size of your desktop, the height of the frame, and a few other options and we send you all the fittings and pipe you need to build a modern table base that can be used with any desktop or table top. The ergonomic keyboard is a unique gadget that decreases the amount of pain and feeling numb which you encounter when using a typical keyboard.
The cost might look a little pricey but in the long term this turns out to be cheaper as it will save a lot with your medical expense. In addition to that I've built a completely new ergnomic desk for my newly renovated office.
I don't think it will be able to hold the legs or screws together long enough so I used a plywood.
The flanges in the pool store are used to screw the ladder to the deck of an outground pool.

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