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There are those who would like to build a super computer, a special computer with special features and capabilities that they desire, like a special gaming station, with powerful capabilities that will run any and every game or super graphical software there is on the market. When your intention is to build a cheap simple computer, you just need to select the suitable computer parts, do a survey, and choose simple parts.
When your intention is to build a super computer, well choose the best (or by your budget) parts there are there, and you will get a boosted super computer. The process of building a computer from scratch, is explained well on this Video I found on YouTube that shows the whole process of how to build the computer from scratch. I don’t know if you have ever stepped into a computer store, or just checked the internet to seek for a new computer, and you have seen so many options out there to choose from, you got overwhelmed.
Well, there are some simple questions that need to be answered in order to get you focused on the computer most suitable for you. If you need a computer right now, buy it, otherwise wait for it, since there will always be a newer more powerful computer coming out as they get improved every day.
When you know the purpose of your computer, you can find out which kind of software will be best suit your needs. Whether you choose a Laptop or a Desktop computer it is pretty clear, the main question to be asked is “Do you need the computer to be mobile? So now that we have found a way to narrow down the choices of the computer we need and want, now we can start thinking on how to choose the right computer. I am not going to start recommending specific types, I just want to give you some idea on what to focus on when going to buy a new laptop, according to the requirements that you have defined before (on the previous stages). What comes with the laptop: Check what else comes with your laptop, like warranty (how long – search for 3 years at least), where can you service your computer in case it needs a tech lab? Hard-Disk capacity: Make sure the hard-disk that comes with the laptop is enough for your needs, since not like on desktops, mostly you will not be able to do serious upgrades on the laptop, other than adding memory. Graphic Card Resolution: Check the resolution capacity – Good laptops have larger resolutions, which for the futuristic applications is more suitable, there are on-board graphic cards, and separate more advanced graphic cards. CPU – The processor is one of the core parts that are in charge of the computer’s performance.
Desktop Computer Covers: Desktop computer comes in a Case– the Cover of those desktop computers is just as important, since it is the cover that holds all of those expensive devices you insert into it. Hard-Disk capacity: Today with the broad bandwidth, and the internet where you can download enormous amount of files, programs, games etc… to you computer, you will need a proper Hard-disk with suitable capacity.
Power Supply: The power supply doesn’t usually get the proper attention, but it is the sole power of your computer system. Computer Screen: LCD screen today needs to be at least 22 Inch (they are not as expensive as they used to be), preferred WIDE. These are the basic things you need to look for, just be patient, make the proper survey, and find the most suitable computer that will answer all of your needs.
This is important when the server has special features that need to be kept at all times, like a constant bandwidth that is always available at a certain capacity, so no bottle neck will be created.
Dedicated servers includes, redundant solutions for electricity, for databases, SQL server applications and management for them, which warn in case of problems, network issues or server down situations. The dedicated managed servers are usually 1U Rack servers, (I prefer the DELL server hardware) and they do not include desktop components.

The dedicated servers are usually blade servers that enable scalable and redundant solutions to be able to guarantee reliability and the ability to grow in case it is required. You can register your servers on a local hosting farm, or anywhere in the world, at any hosting just make sure you read the terms agreement carefully to make sure you get all of those guarantees and reliability with your dedicated servers. You will need to define, the bandwidth you need, the hard-disk capacity allocation requirements, the memory (RAM) you require and CPU needs (2 Processors (Duo) or 4 Processors (Quad)) and the kind of dedication server you require – if it’s a Dell server or HP or whatever the hosting offers and you find suitable. When we want to use one of the U family servers, to host on our communication cabinet (usually not for private use – unless you have placed a communication cabinet at your home ? ), you need to consider a couple of variables in order to understand exactly what type of server do you need and for what purpose.
The communication cabinets which U servers are being placed into are also called rack-mount. Who will be the designated audience and how many will be using the server at the same time? What types of services are going to run on it, and how strong in terms of processing and memory does it need. When we use all of those basic features that define the server, then we can choose what type of server we need, and how large it will be. Well, now we know what type of server we need, so all we have to do is decide which server type and model we want that fits our requirements. We probably will want a brand (A known company manufacturer like DELL, IBM, HP etc…) type of a server. There is no real age for starting to learn computers, you can decide at an early age, that you want to learn computers, of you can decide that you want to learn computers when you’re a senior citizen and after you already achieved your goals in life, you want to get to know computers better. So, now that we know we can just decide we want to learn computers, and we can go to it and start learning, let’s see what are our possibilities and what areas of computers are out there, so we might decide which area interests us better, and learn that area of computer. When we actually want the hardware to perform in some way ?? we will need a software that can connect all of the devices, and create for us a work environment tools, that can enable us to use the computer, use its software application, so we need to develop software programs that will suit us.
The network enable us to connect our computer to other computers and network devices to our home network or at work. Now, we are connected to the internet, and so we are now exposed to security breaches, as the internet is a source of information, that also creates openings, since our computer is connected to the world using the internet, and we can say that the door to our computer can be accessed.
These are the basic pillars of computers, knowing all four subjects, can give you a very solid base to use and learn computers.
If we need to just learn some basic computer issues, so we can understand what the computers are, and how we can use them, then we can just take some basic courses.
If we just want to know how to use a computer, then a basic computer course, will assist us, and teach us how to use the computer? Learn just by browsing the internet, finding all of the information, free of charge (you just need to know what type of materials you need for the subject you want to learn). Learn by reading books, there are many books that can teach you anything about computers, at any subject. The main parts that effect the performance of a super computer are the Motherboard, CPU (Duo, Quad, i5 or i7 etc…), Large capacity of RAM, and a good Graphic Card, with at least 1GB of RAM on-board it.
Think about which operating system will suite you best, if it is the open source free Linux operating system or Microsoft windows OS, or the Macintosh OS. The hardware part includes the Hard-Disk, amount of memory, the graphic card, screen size etc… This question when answered will assist you in choosing the suitable computer configuration and additional hardware as needed.

Do you need to move it around with you?” If the answer is yes, then buy a Laptop, if not you can buy a Desktop computer.
Make sure that if you are a gamer, movie watcher or need a great deal of files to store, that you have the proper hard-disk.
Make sure their refresh rate is high enough to endure your computer performance, so you will still get the best performance out of your computer and see it. The Dedication part means that the server is solely yours, and the definitions you require for it, like bandwidth, security, resources and other configurations that you have requested, will be dedicated to you, so you will always have them available. They are much secured for websites or SQL databases and you can customize them to any of your requirements. How strong the server needs to be (CPU power, Memory), capacity of hard-disks, how resistant should it be?
The reason is that the computers are being stacked up one on the other, mounted into the shelves of the communication cabinet creating a rack of servers. What type of RAID controller does it requires and how many disks are needed – storage capacity. Each U (height) of the server will usually cost us extra money to host, since each U space is being charged by the hosting farm. I like the Dell Power-Edge models, but you can choose which server you prefer and compare prices between one to the other, to make your best choice.
There is also the fact that there is no exact time that you need to start learning computers, since you can just decide you want to learn computers better, and you can start.
Today every computer is going out to the internet, so it needs to get connected through a router & modem to enable internet connection. You can also find books that will prepare you for computer exams – that are being performed at the end of the professional courses. There are those who would like to build their own computer so they can save money, by buying the parts they need, for the most basic computer (not that this is necessary true always) but in some cases it might work. The basic idea is of course connecting all of the parts and inserting them into the computer case. Their prices are not that high, so just start with a 1TB Hard-disk and see how to go from there, you can always add another one on the new computers :). If you’re a gamer you will need a really good graphic card, a professional one with large amount of memory and advance rendering to be able to run all of those amazing new games with great graphics and motions.
We all use computers, some of us are not trained in the computer art, we haven’t learned computers from scratch, the way they built, creating programs using programming languages, or just implement a computer network connecting a bunch of computers together to be able to share resources. So we are building firewalls, using anti-virus programs, anti spy-ware, ad-removes etc…  to enable security against harm.
Also there are computer covers which are lightweight made of aluminum, so you won’t break your back. If you need a Gamer’s computer or a strong graphic machine, you might want to consider investing in a Quad CPU.

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