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TipsWatch the provided video tutorial for a better guide.Make the PVC cannon straighter so the air has a place to go faster. WarningsDon't make too many turns or the air pressure will not fire the projectile very well. TipsThe video will show you where to make the cuts.  The pictures up top will also show how.
WarningsClamp down the PVC if you're using a manual hand saw.  Clamp it down when using an electric saw if you can.
TipsLet the primer fully dry before adding the glueHolding the PVC for 30 seconds after gluing will prevent it from sliding out when drying.Some PVC gurus suggest to give the PVC a "half turn" when gluing for a stronger bond.
Gun cabinet plans Get you plans here: There are two different styles of gun cabinet, the first is like furniture the second is cabinet. If you're an avid hunter or gun enthusiast, chances are that you own or have thought about owning a gun cabinet.

I found 12 1x6 boards that were behind a store in my neighbourhood and decided to build a gunj cabinet from them. This is a video showing the Gun Cabinet I made, as well as the Rotary Gun Rack, and finally, the side racks that slide out of the cabinet.
This tank features real treads, can go 20 MPH, and has a 360 degree rotating turret with a massive paintball air cannon!
Start your next project for build simple gun cabinet with one of our many woodworking plans. Let me explain, furniture style is when you use solid wood all around and assembled with nice joinery such as dovetails. You probably also know that they can be very expensive for the small storage space that you get.
Launching small bore projectiles through a breech, it is menacing to behold, and a beauty to see.

It will easily hold 9 long guns plus some handguns and has storage for ammo and accessories. The plans will be emailed to you in a PDF format so you can have the plans very soon after your purchase. This cabinet is simple to build, with integrated parts that are completely tamper proof from outside.

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