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Troy Hawkins (known as Tomatoskins here on Instructables ) has been a long time member of Instructables and joined the team as a Community Manager just over a year ago.
There is nothing like the taste of restaurant Chinese food, ever wonder why you can't replicate the same stir-frys at home?
This instructable is to show you how i have built the Dumas Dh4 balsa RC plane and the challenges that i faced and how i figured out a solution for them. I've attached a reference diagram from the Sears parts website that I wish I would have had before I started. Nail polish usually ends up tossed into the bottom of drawers or crammed into a make up bag. The new project of make it extreme is the transformation of an old microwave oven into a brand new spot welder. I was browsing the web, randomly clicking, when I suddenly came across the idea of non-spherical globes - globes of the Earth that are not actually globes - dodecahedrons, octahedrons and cubes.I decided I need to make one, so here it is. This project is a meld of form, function, economy, necessity, learning, dreaming, engineering, and creating. Here are the plans for a small pitching machine I built to help my son practice batting for Little League.
The one project every DIY person seems to do at one point: A coffee table from reclaimed materials. Being able to power sand your finished bowl makes things go so much quicker and keeps your fingers away from any uneven edges. This project is an expansion from my first Instructable (Pallet Planter Box) posted 2+ years ago. This Instructable is designed for anyone who wants to organize their electronics lab, which is even more important in a communal environment where people share an electronics workshop. This instructable is less a build you're own project and more a description of the theory of charlieplexing. This tutorial will be on how to convert a standard 2 D Maglite into a 5,000 lumen LED light.Very few tools will be needed. I was walking through my local camping supply store the other day when I came across this water purifier that cost $50 (I know outrageous) Being the DIYer I am I took a closer look at it to find that it was simply Some UV lights.

I have seen RGB mood lights using Arduino, PIC, and larger AVR chips, but never one with the ATtiny85. In this Instructable, I'll show you how to make your own extremely efficient LED lighting for your workshop!
RGB LED strips are a great way to inconspicuously add color in places, they typically come with adhesive backing to make it easier to stick them anywhere.
Step-by-step, easy to follow instructions on the building of a LED Rainbow RGB LED PWM Controller. Some friends wanted a lighted hula hoop for burningman, and when they turned out to be about $200 each, I decided to make one. The Spinning light display uses a motor to spin the board at high speed while pulsing the lights to make patterns in the air as it zooms around. I bought a cool-looking vintage photography spotlight at a garage sale that I thought would make a great looking desktop lamp or reading light. If you fancy a Star Wars rebel trooper blaster pistol, you have basically 2 commercial options. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. If his name looks familiar, that's because you've probably gotten an email from him when you posted an Instructable.
At the base of the speaker is a weight to keep it all steady.If you have any questions feel free to pop them in the comments.
It is a flexible system that can be used on many other projects as well, you just have to adjust for size and weight.
Now this instructables shows you how to affix medieval style arrows to a shaft, not how to fletch the shaft or how to make the arrowhead, but don't worry.
In this instructable I'm gonna show you a holder that I made as birthday present for my best friend.Since he loves and collects Absolut Vodka I bought him six mini bottles of different flavors. The process is fairly quick and simple, but you will need to do a little legwork to get the right supplies before you can start.
Previously I built a brown case for all my pedals (the one in the back) and the minimixer I use for mixing and monitoring in my gigs.

For this project I used wood and metal both from throwaway pallets, and turned it into this coffee table. You can easily do at home Get Materials I used a Bread container as a Water reservoire-1x Breadcontainer with a wooden cover.
So for identification , led’s comes with a unique way to identify its terminals as Anode or Cathode. These LED strips have become fairly easy and inexpensive to buy, and folks are still finding lots of interesting places for them. Only a minimal amount of parts are needed, along with a PIC processor, and you can construct one of the most amazing LED controllers available. Most are for small cubes consisting of 27 or 64 LEDs, rarely larger since they are limited to the number of outputs available on the microcontroller.
There is a blue plastic dart gun by Hasbro, or a great looking, solid but non-functional $400 model from Master Replicas.
It is a thin source of light that can be applied in a wide variety of surface formats and colors. Firstly, we decomposed the microwave oven and took its transformer and the fan that cools it. This automata uses several simple machines: a wheel and axle, an incline plane, and a third class lever. I've written it in response to the many questions I've gotten in my previously published Instructables. I took out the actual components out of bulb and then replaced it with faulted PCB of adapter and I again got a 12 V adapter which I basically used to power 12V LED strips. I will cover everything from designing your sign on a computer to calculating led values.This was my first soldering project and it turned out great!

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