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Adjustable cast-iron industrial bases can be found at antiques shops or ordered online for less than $100. If doing this yourself with a tabletop planer, start by checking for nails and excess dirt. The first thing we did when building our pallet desk was to take the dimensions of the old closet door we had, and the dimensions of the pallet wood (length and width), and work on different pattern options for the door. After you decide on a pattern and figure out your dimensions, it’s time to make the cuts for the desktop.
We used a chop saw to cut all the pieces for the How to build a Reclaimed Wood Pallet Desk. We didn’t just butted the corners of our pallet desk together instead of mitering them.

Once you are done with the molding you can go over your wood with a sander if you’d like.
We figured out a great way to build one by starting with an old closet door for the surface. We went between completely horizontal, to vertical, to chevron patterns and checkers — the works. We picked a 2″ molding and had to stain and do some work to it to make it match the rest of the desk. If you know someone doing a major renovation on an older house, chances are you can find 2x6 rafters or 2x8 floor joists ready to be saved from the landfill.
This allowed us to quickly cut the reclaimed wood without having to measure every single piece over and over.

Anyway after moving the production inside and setting up the horses for a temporary workspace, we laid everything out, glued the backs of the wood, and nailed them in using the trim nailer. It’s a nice alternative if you are looking for a functional pallet desk that you can store some things in.
But I loved the patterns on it and it really made things go more smoothly for us — no fighting with the pallets, cleaning them, ripping the nails off.
If you are just building a table you can use wood or even plumbers pipe to give it that industrial look.

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