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After Craigslist scouring, I ended up with nearly enough cement blocks to build two raised garden beds (I had to buy about seven new to fill the gaps, which added up to around $8). I just went through the same exercise for these coffin-sized planters I got from Craigslist. About ShelterrificThis is site dedicated not to homemaking, but to home loving: Decorating, cooking, entertaining, organizing, gardening and making the most out of the places we call home. The small space keeps you from needing to walk on the soil, which means there is more room for plants and a bigger harvest. My husband and I built our raised beds ourselves and I need to be honest with you, we did spend some money.
I say that to be completely upfront and honest with you, but I also don’t want to discourage you, because there are DEFINITELY ways you can do this for less money than we did! This highly-rated Big Bag Bed (sold on Amazon) will set you back between $20-30 (depending on the size you choose). If this one doesn’t quite work for you, there are lots of other reasonably priced raised garden bed kits on Amazon. I would love to hear additional ideas for how one might save on the expense of building raised beds!
We attached chicken wire to the bottom of our boxes and then lined the insides with landscape plastic. My mom gave me these nifty fabric (not sure what it’s made of) bags for our potatoes and parsnips, I am going to be planting them this weekend. You have to learn how to properly set them up for planting or it might look sloppy, and there is a learning curve, but once you’ve got it figured out, it goes together in a snap. These sacks will hold 10 gallons of soil (plenty for anything you want to grow) and still have extra fabric to fold a nice decorative lip if that’s your thing.
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I have a small Sydney backyard, all paved, & am thinking about putting in two Colorbond raised garden beds. I'll fill them via the no dig garden idea, with a good 20cm of premimum garden soil & mulch. Your idea seems feasible to me, however I wouldn't put pvc pipes (I think it is to soften the sharp edges) on top, because the look might not be so great, I think you get something round in metal as well.
No, the plastic acts as a reservoir that holds the water , think of it as a big self watering pot and it's watered by the filler tube and of course whatever rain you may get. PreparednessMama has created a new garden in her suburban backyard and she’s used cedar fencing for the garden boxes. While many types of wood will warp when subjected to moisture, cedar stays straight and flat which makes it perfect for fencing and garden boxes.
There is minimal cutting in the project and once finished your boxes will measure 6 ft x 3 ft. But there are ways to build a raised bed garden without breaking the bank, and I’m here to show you how.

You don’t have to bend all the way over to deal with weeds or to harvest your greens. If you’re not sure you want to go farm-style on your backyard, you can easily set up a small raised bed on toward the back near your fence, or even on your patio! They’ve worked so beautifully for my family and I’ve been able to grow just about anything you can imagine in them including raspberries, tomatoes, corn, kale, chard, beans, peas, carrots, parsnips, cucumbers, garlic, quinoa, and even spaghetti squash! I’m a firm believer in selecting materials that are safe for growing food and we decided on cedar. Not only does she break it down for you, she has FREE pdf instructions including a materials list. Cement is an ingredient in concrete, which is used to make blocks commonly known as cinder blocks.
If it was so bad, I would think we would have been trying to mitigate this in our homes for years now.
Everyone I know has had great luck with them and it is so easy to add a layer and raise the height if you need too. I live in a hot, dry climate and have to deal with any concrete or brick around my yard leaching the water from the grass leaving it brown and dry while the rest is green.
I am building a garden for my family this Christmas your blog helped me to discover the small raised bed kits!
If the place is yours, then I simply would rip out some of the paving (you might even sell the pavers or out them on freecycle that someone picks them up).
Pic 1 shows the finished bed,the layers in the bed are old magazines, weedmat, builders plastic liner, ag pipe wrapped in weedmat, layer of sand to cover ag pipe, weedmat to separate sand and soil, a small drainage setup to allow for overflow, soil , and I finished mine with cane mulch. So I ended up contacting a local green landscaper for a bulk delivery of their growing mix: topsoil mixed with compost.
I ended up asking friends to save their wine bottles for me and lined the bottom of the planter. If your goal is to save money, you’ll want to consider ways of keeping your gardening costs down. Some people even raise the beds high enough to accommodate gardeners in wheelchairs or physical disabilities. All told, I would imagine we spent several hundred dollars to set up our custom 7-container raised bed garden including tool rental, tools, lumber, and soil, and installing irrigation (which we’ve yet to finish setting up).
These would be more of a container method than a true raised bed, but I feel it’s worth mentioning. Cement itself is made from a mixture of minerals, primarily limestone and other calcium rich materials. I poked holes at the bottom and then we filled it with dirt and we’re using it as a raised bed. My grandmother used this method and she also lined her walks with them and put flowers in them.
The colorbond beds in the shops are at least $200 each which is a bit steep + having to fill them, so I went to our local Hardware & General store.

I paid about $248 to get five yards delivered, and this was more than enough to fill each bed and have a big pile left over for another section of the yard that needed some love. You can also create beautiful custom shapes using the raised beds and a number of materials.
I do think we saved money in that we did all the work ourselves and it’s been money well spent for the food and enjoyment the garden has given us! In the photo above, you can see we are using a Big Bag Bed to grow our strawberries this year. It is processed with much heat, goes through an exothermic reaction and then is ground into a powder. So far we have baby carrots growing, zucchini, yellow squash, cilantro, and some cayenne peppers and I have to add some onion that I started from seeds. I decided to have a little fun since I saved so much and let my nieces and nephews paint the blocks.
I hope to find one today so that I can make my family’s dreams come true this Christmas.
I practice ethical, common sense couponing and report on a wide-range of deals including grocery, apparel, and travel. My friends were a little embarrassed and that full visual of their drinking.) Either way, the bottles are green, easy to take out if I ever need the full depth, and it was free.
Honestly, I’d be a bit surprised if one could do that after the lumber and hardware involved, but regardless, you should save a ton of money following her handy instructions. Make sure to read the comments to see how purchasers have used and configured it for their garden. If anything it is a lung irritant when in its powder form and then is caustic to skin during the curing process.
When it is mixed with sand and water and formed into blocks it once again goes through a chemical reaction which generates heat and results in the cement solidifying the entire conglomerate into rock solid concrete blocks. I am planing to get Hubby to cut each one in half with a nibbler, then joining the ends together to make an oblong shape. To say that inert cinder blocks present a food safety risk when used as construction materials for raised beds is ignorant and misleading.
I was also thinking about lining the inside with black builders plastic to help reduce corrosion, as i've heard that over time the colorbond will rust as it's in contact with the moist soil. So for two 2m long, 70cm deep & approx 45cm high it will be $120 in any colour I like, not too bad.

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