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Build your own robot and then take it apart and build a new one out of the 36 different robot parts. Brillant service and came really quick such good gift idea for anyone of all ages, I got this for my Boyfriends 21st and he loved it, just a small silly gift. Although its a pretty standard product to buy it was cheaper here than anywhere else online. My five year old boy loved this kit and he found it really easy to use - plays with it for hours! Thanks for your feedback and we’re sorry to hear that you’re not totally happy with your purchase. We carefully select the best photographs and provide detailed descriptions to portray a true and accurate representation of our products.
We strive to provide items of the highest quality and we are sorry that you feel this has not been achieved on this occasion. This set is reasonably priced and excellent value from the same seller as the Robot Mask kit, and equally well received by my grandson. You have 28 days, from receipt of cancellable goods, to notify the seller if you wish to cancel your order or exchange an item.
Read more about our returns policy.Should you choose to return or exchange your order you will need to deliver the item(s) to the UK, where this seller is based. Alternating Current is useful for its passive (you are a crystal beast, remember?) and the attack speed.
Counterbuild items are used to ensure that you: (a) do not die so often or (b) keep your attacks efficient even after the enemy has counter-built against you. Get this if you are dying or have observed the power of an enemy hero based on weapon power. Get this if you are dying, or have observed the power of an enemy hero based on crystal power.
Get this item if you notice they have become MUCH too slippery for you and your team-mates to kill.

Tornado Trigger works in a synergy with Alternating Current and ALL your crystal items, especially Shatterglass .
The real reason you want Tornado Trigger is that you can stack burn damage from Fan the Flames much much MUCH faster. If you are dealing with a lot of slippery, ranged, or simply non-aggressive enemy players, giving yourself another Shatterglass should turn your Spitfire into a spam-happy, nuke-worthy, burn-damage, long-range missile of terror to bring the nations down to their knees as such the world has never seen and never will again.
Build the ultimate robot and then give him a build-a-bot upgrade, or pose him in different positions. Sorry that your expectations were not met on this occasion and we have taken your comments on board so that we can improve our offering. Venture into the jungle to help an ally being chased, but stick really close to turrets when you do. Move fast, think fast, position smart, and spam to harass like no other Vainglory Hero before you. His burn deals damage based on a percentage of the enemy’s health, so it can be used to deal great damage to even the tankiest opponent.
DO NOT jump into the middle of the fray to use Dragon Breath the same way that Mage-ish (but Protector, really) Adagio uses Verse of Judgement .
This provides you with a lot more cash, because kills made by your ally-laner also earns you money, but sets you back a bit on items and power early in the game. It has a good dynamic with Journey Boots and Spitfire , because it allows you to keep control of the lane much more often. The attack speed will push Fan the Flames , a heroic Perk dependent on attack speed, to new heights. Don’t over-react and build this item after one or two escapes, but the extra crystal power it gives you is a good plus. The fun really starts when the build-a-bots are linked together, or use your imagination and all the parts to create one giant Build-a-Bot!
Thank you for shopping with us and please contact us via your order enquiry if we can assist you further.

Please contact us via your order enquiry if you have any additional comments or if we can assist you further.
Skaarf needs a lot of mobility because his skills are not target-locked and must be guided. At all times, stay behind your team, and Spitfire at the enemy, landing one or two Goop where needed. These perks can be used to help out a team-mate make a kill or turn the prey-predator tables in a desperate escape.
It will pile up the stacks of burn damage WAY faster, and it will allow you to last hit on minions much more often. You can build all the crystal power you like on a build, but if every one of the enemy heroes has got an Aegis , you’re screwed. It also lasts for 3 seconds after the last application of the buff (meaning the last time you hit the opponent with Spitfire or auto-attack).
Most fights will end before you manage to place two Goop though, so it is primarily for forcing the enemy out of strategic zones, helping an ally is critical condition disengage, or preventing the escape of a doomed enemy.
Do not sell it until then.Build Eve of Harvest first and foremost because it gives you a bit more skin and defense. But, more importantly, it helps you use your Spitfire more efficiently, as it allows you to get into strategic locations and get around minions. Kite (although it is not really kiting) Spitfire , if you must, but that doesn’t have anything to do with attack speed. You can move around while using it, and this can mean a tsunami of fire moving towards the enemy, or a Skaarfbelching smoke the wrong way. Most of your power is crystal, so becoming a crystal vampire is a good idea early in the game.

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