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Plus you will need two shorter pieces around the length of the pieces of wood you will be stacking on it. And you will need about 8 nails or screws and a piece of rope or wire about two feet longer than your rack.
I like to use a steel wire since it will last a long time and won’t degrade in the sun. At first it helps to keep the sides an even height until there is enough weight to keep the uprights solid.
Be sure and weigh or tie the cover down wish something to keep the wind from blowing it off.

This rack in the photo took me about ten minutes to build, out of materials that I already had laying around.
They should be spaced apart so the base will be about as wide as the length of the pieces of firewood are that you will be stacking on it.
You will have to stack a few pieces of wood in the corners to hold the uprights apart, while the string or rope holds them upright. That is the disadvantage to this style of firewood rack, The uprights will only stay up when there is enough weight pushing against both ends. Stacking the wood a little above the uprights can help in covering the stack without the tops of the uprights being in the way.

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This is fine for a longer term firewood storage rack, but if you are putting wood in and out regularly, this might not be the best design for you. It keeps covers the top to keep the rain off, but leaves the sides exposed to open air so the wood can dry.

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