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I'm showing that log store to the missus, she moans at me for what I've got :-( fair point on the felt roof, lol.
Most of my firewood used to end up in a ramshackle heap at the bottom of the garden and last year I found the time to knock up my wood store.
I will issue a certificate for a tree dedication to each customer for every order placed, and have donated more than 10 trees so far. All the wood I use is sourced from local timber yards who supply the best native British timbers from forests and estates throughout Sussex. Need a proper Log Store to keep your locally sourced logs dry, ready to burn in your wood burning stove, then contact me, as I’ve recently built some small barns for storing wood!
I also make a range of appropriate Natural Products that can complement any garden; benches, composts, beehives, bird boxes and chicken houses. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website.
Logs are the most commonly used form of wood fuel in the UK, used for both open fires and wood burning stoves.
It can be difficult to work out whether you are getting a good deal when buying firewood.
If you buy wood locally from tree surgeons or farmers it is likely to be green, with a high moisture content.
Seasoned logs have been air dried naturally over a long period until the moisture content has dropped to 30-50%.
Kiln dried firewood is first air dried, then the drying process is completed in large kilns to give an average moisture content of around 20%.

More and more people are becoming interested in wood fired heating as a way of reducing their carbon footprint. Stores Direct have many years experience advising customers about woodburning stoves - please feel free to call us on 01484 434320 if you need help.
I use half the store a year so seasons for 2 years which it needs even though off the ground to increase air flow.
Picture is from before winter, a little fuller now with this years stock and pallets underneath too.
Naturally durable wood can last for decades without the need of chemical treatment, especially in a well designed and constructed building. No treated wood is used, careful timber selection and good design mean I can make you an ideal long lasting store for seasoning logs. Most people source logs locally, for example through tree surgeons, farmers or coal merchants.
Unlike coal and smokeless fuel, which must be sold in defined weights under the Weights and Measures Act, wood is usually sold by the bag or by lorryload. Green wood can be bought at bargain prices, but you should be prepared to buy it well in advance of using it. Wood with this moisture content isn't really ready yet for burning in a wood stove, but this is a good value option which gives you logs pre-cut to a standard size without requiring long storage times. Kiln dried firewood is ready for immediate use on your woodburner, and will give a good heat output and efficient burn.
If you are looking into this option, try to find local sources of firewood such as managed woodland or untreated wood waste from tree surgeons.

We also supply high quality firewood with nationwide delivery, as well as accessories such as the Garden Trading Log Store shown at the top of the page.
Also seems to be laying little shiny black eggs( or these may be different beetles) any ideas on what they are and what you can do about them???
However some fuel suppliers offer nationwide delivery of logs either by the pallet or in large bags. If not already cut into usable logs, you will need to chop it up then stack it somewhere with good air circulation to dry out for up to two years. Fuel burned transporting firewood from your supplier to your home counts towards your carbon footprint, so the more local your supplier the better. In addition, the performance of logs as a fuel varies a lot depending on moisture content and the type of wood. While hardwood and softwood give out similar amounts of heat per kilogramme burned, a hardwood log can be up to twice as heavy as a similar sized softwood log.
This means that to get the same amount of heat you would have to buy and store twice as much softwood as hardwood. Hardwood and softwood logs burn differently as well - hardwood gives a steady, sustained burn while softwood gives a quick surge of intense heat then dies down.

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