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Following a month long beta, My Robot Nation has officially launched its new website, which offers everyone a chance to create their own personalized miniature robots. While most companies require an understanding of professional 3D imaging tools like CAD or Maya, this one gives customers a simple point-and-click platform to build their creations right in their browser. The user friendly design tool was developed by veterans of the video game industry, who know first hand the importance of making an easily accessible interface. So as I’m sure most of the listeners are aware I have built my own gaming PC, (well built is a bit of a stretch, as I had a lot of help from a good friend of mine to complete it) what surprised me the most was how uncomplicated it was, even for a novice like me who has never even thought of building a PC before. First of all I need to thank Rafinch who gave me the prod I needed to finally take the plunge and build one, so to the first part of the question, how expensive is it? Well here is the list of components and yes it is more expensive than a console, but it also serves as your household computer, so it is more than just for playing games on, in addition it is also worth shopping around, as prices seem to change on a weekly basis, so don’t just go for the first thing that you see.
Why bother you may ask, well there are plenty of cheap games to be had on the Internet many of them for free (legally of course), and who can resist when Steam has a sale, especially now that they have added Big Picture Mode!
This is a similar price excluding SSD, but it has half the Ram which would save ?20, cheaper graphics card, and less memory, so you do get a bit more for your money doing it yourself, but prices do seem to have gone up since I built mine before Christmas.
So, the changes, first of all I added a disc drive (?15 on amazon) as I have a lot of disc games. I bought almost all of my stuff from amazon as i normally use them to shop and quite frankly the prices where amazing on there over the summer.
A word of caution though personally i found the need to upgrade both my mouse and keyboard to something more suitable for gaming which isnt cheap if you want quality stuff (cost me around ?100 for both but i did get nice ones), also picked up a Xbox controller for PC massive help as i have bought a lot of games from steam which require a controller to play comfortably (Dark Souls, assassins creed etc), ALSO BUY A MODULAR PSU much easier to install luckily my case is pretty big but for most cases a modular PSU is a life saver. Having built several PCs myself in the past I got slightly burned the last time I upgraded when I ended up spending around ?500 and then I discovered that I didn’t like any of the PC games available. It’s not the most powerful rig in the world but so far it has played everything I have thrown at it quite nicely and it starts up quicker than my PS3. Well its not expensive if you want a PC to run current gen games no problem, somewhere between ?300-400 will do that no problem (though i do appreciate that current consoles are so cheap you might think whats the point), the point is that to run all games which come out for the next 5 years or so will set you back around ?650-750 (or less if you are using parts of your current PC as well) which isn’t a crazy figure if you consider the PS3 came out around the ?450 mark if i remember correctly.
You also will save a lot of money over the lifecycle of your PC because you will because the games generally will be ?5-10 cheaper. Remember you get a PC with that so its not as if its an isolated investment, if you need one anyway (i did as i only had a mac like Duke and due to my degree i needed a PC to run microsoft software). Oh and one more thing no crappy advertisements which microsoft has decided we needed to see, despite paying ?40 a year to use the online service.
Finally (if you made it this far you are very patient) building a PC is very simple, yes there is a large range of components out there but most of them are the same thing just branded by different manufacturers so dont panic. I’m going to hold off until the new consoles get announced before taking the plunge one way or another.
Its probably a good idea to hold off for now, at least everyone has shown their hand with regards to hardware, pricing and launch lineups.
Most PC purpose built games such as Battlefield 3 are so far ahead of current console games (not having a dig but its true- p.s.
Now whilst there may be a leap in terms of PC tech you have to remember that current PC tech available is so far ahead of not just anything that is affordable but quite frankly anything that is useful to the vast majority of people. I’m of the opinion that for the next year or so launch titles for consoles games will come with high res texture packs included, to add some much needed beef to both consoles launch lineups.

Ken Levine saying Bioshock on current gen consoles is equivalent to its PC counterpart running on medium settings.
And next gen hard drive specs still being a tad on the low side especially if they have a strong digital distribution platform in mind.
After last years E3 which i was massively underwhelmed by across the board (partly because i was desperately looking to nintendo to provide me with a reason to buy the Wii U). Probably missed a ton of games i would kill for but they’re the main ones that spring to mind.
I’m going to walk you through a basic computer build that will educate you on where to get started when looking to build your own PC. CPU: Selecting the CPU is my favorite part of this entire process, because it is essentially the brain of your computer.
Motherboard: The motherboard is the main circuit board in the computer and is one of the most critical components. PSU:  (Power Supply Unit, not Penn State University) The power supply unit is the device that plugs into the wall and provides power to all of the components in your computer.
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With the browser-based building tools, visitors to the website can customize a robot from scratch, which they can then order to be generated with a 3D printer and shipped to them. Using WebGL, visitors can choose from an assortment of parts, colors, and graphics to build an interactive 3D rendering of their robots piece by piece and view it from all angles.
I built it completely from scratch myself and it was incredibly easy, although the operating system installation did cause a bit of head scratching. So far I can run my whole steam library including metro 2033, saints row the 3rd, skyrim and planetside 2, on ultra settings with no problems at all. Honestly, after repairing the 3 red lights on my old Xbox myself, I don’t ever want to put anything together again.
The key component when looking at compatibility is the motherboard, if the specs on the motherboard line up with another component you are looking to by then you are generally good to go.
Another question, Is anyone worried that once the next gen console hardware is released, developers will become unshackled and pc minimum specs will sky-rocket.
So if consoles drive the price of PC components down then it isnt likely to make a difference as games wouldnt be programmed to take advantage of it, as the install base of users who have access to that sort of power wouldn’t even be past the 50,000 mark. Choosing a case is important because it is the step that will determine how your computer looks from the outside.
Every core component of the PC connects and depends on the motherboard in one way or another. Graphics processors are generally included in a video card and they are used to render high-resolution frames at a high rate. It may sound like a simple concept, but that simplicity is what sets My Robot Nation apart from other 3D printing services on the market.
Stocker, envision the WebGL interface being applied to other designs and tools in the future. And I can spawn up to 950 cheese wheels in skyrim before in crashes (look it up on YouTube).

When my OS wasn’t installing properly I got really fustrated but I gave it a nights sleep and next day I redid it and it was fine. Console launch games are a rip off most will be ?50 at least for the first 3-6 months (which is why i can see the Wii U becoming a moderate success in that time of crazy pricing) so you and you PC will be laughing as you save a crazy amount of money. Dont be afraid to ask any questions either most people are very friendly on PC forums there are plenty of guides out there to help with first time builders. It would quite simply take too many man hours to make a game that could use even half of the power currently available at the high end of PC components. If i was to guess, i would say i could run them on High settings but may want to turn FXAA and Shadow details down a bit just to bump the frame rate up.
There are many choices that can be made when considering which CPU to get, which I will cover in a later post.
Generally when building a PC I like to select my motherboard based on my CPU selection, as you must make sure they are compatible.
The RAM basically stores information while the CPU is doing its job of processing, RAM can be accessed very quickly.
Having a faster hard drive will improve the system boot time as well as the loading of large programs. The better the graphics card, the higher video settings you can run a game at (as long as your CPU is capable). I used windows 7 home premium but bought a product key instead of a boxed disc which is 100% legal don’t worry and saves you a bit of money at only ?39.
Secondly, invest in a good keyboard, my ?10 one from hong kong really was too good to be true and came with non-working buttons and keys in the wrong place;not fun.
If the rumours for both games are spot on, which is to say that many titles (notably star wars and watch dogs) will be demoed on both this and next gen consoles then its a safe bet that i could run them smoothly enough. If an order is placed, the design is fed into one of Z Corporation's 3D processing machines to print a full-color replica.
My only current bottleneck is GPU power but it will be fine to run all games for a while yet, most of them on high.
The finished product will feel like plaster of Paris and be just as fragile, but will look exactly like the rendering on the website.
When you are ready to publish, click the "publish" tab that is on the top of your game screen. With the impressive amount of features to choose from, there's almost a limitless number of robots to be made.
After this, the page will start to load and will take several minutes to finish publishing.

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