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Once you've joined, you can either continue to use your social credentials or you can login with your username and password if you prefer. The great benefit of these lift top tables is the mechanism that keeps you from hunching over your laptop, or your food when eating off the coffee table.
You want to start by cleaning it up by sanding it or removing unnecessary things found on it. For the table top, join wood slats together with the thick perforated steel straps (you can also use ? thick pieces of wood) as show in the picture.
The overall size of the table top should be the same as the dimensions of the body, of course. OBN is a total resource for Owner-Builders, DIYer’s and anyone interested in home improvement.
Because we’re ‘been there, done that’ people with bucket loads of inspiring ideas, plans and galleries of beautiful homes and gardens. Using a the cut list above and a miter saw, cut all the parts to size except the 1 x 2 Tabletop Edge Trim. Drill two pocket holes at each end of the 1 x 2 Apron pieces, and the 1 x 2 Base End Pieces.
On the inside face of each Leg, make a mark 9? inches from the bottom edge of the Leg.
Apply glue to the ends of the 1 x 2 End Pieces for the Base and Apron, and then clamp them in place against the inside of the Leg.
Place the ? x ? inch Cleat onto the backside of each Shelf Support, flush with its bottom edge. To create the illusion that the Base’s End pieces run through the legs like tenons, center and nail the Blocks to the outside face of each Leg, level with the End Piece using 1?-inch finish nails. Using a pocket hole jig, drill pocket holes into the edges and ends of the underside of the tabletop boards according to the diagram in the drawing above.
Apply wood glue to the outer edge of the assembled Tabletop Boards and the cut ends of the 1 x 2 Trim Boards.

Because the Tabletop is made form several slats of wood, I like to use Figure 8 Top Fasteners to allow the Tabletop boards to expand and contract. To allow the fasteners to set flush with the surface of the board, drill a shallow inset using a paddle bit sized to the width of the outline marked in Step 16. Set each fastener into the inset hole so that its surface sets flush with the surface of the Apron Board. Place the Base upside down on the Tabletop so that there is equal overhang on the front and back, and equal overhang on the sides.
Another highlight of this design is the huge central storage space and the side storage compartments. Make sure you place these fasteners where it will hold the wood planks steadily together but also where it would not hit any other parts of the table when closed. You have to do a trial and error to determine the accurate positions of the mechanism before screwing them into place. But for some, you might need to add wood pieces on the inside of the body where you can attach the sliders and the hinge (lift mechanism).
In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. Whether you’re building a ground up home for you and your children or just adding a Bali hut to the poolside, you’ll find friends here. The pallets took about 45 minutes each to disassemble and the plank sizing required us to ripped the boards to 3 different uniform widths. As with the coffee table, don’t let the angles scare you away–the design is actually very simple!
As with the DIY Coffee Table, joining the angled pieces is easy, but requires a close eye to keep the pieces oriented correctly. If you’re ripping the 4 x 4 posts to make the legs slimmer like I did, use a table saw to cut two adjacent sides of the post down to 2?-inches-wide. Because the ends of these pieces are mitered at an angle, be sure to align each board so that the pocket holes fit on its width.

Position the pieces so that one runs flush with the top edge, and the other sets below the line marked in Step 6.
Apply glue to the Cleat, and then secure it in place using a pneumatic nail gun and ? inch finish nails placed every 3 inches. Position the two longer boards against the ends of the assembled boards, and then clamp the pieces in place.
Screw through each fastener and into the tabletop with ?-inch wood screws to secure the tabletop in place.
Ultimately, the goal is to have a box-like result where a space is available for storage inside and the bottom is closed. As you can see in this picture, the two mechanisms are installed on different wood surfaces. You’ll also find ‘mate’s rates’ materials, national directories of trades and services and even our ‘Sunday Markets’ where you can buy, swap and sell! Just adjust your miter saw from zero to seven degrees for a few of the cuts, and you can create the splayed legs in no time. Center both pieces on the leg, and tilt them so that they run parallel to the edge of the Leg. Using a pneumatic nail gun and 1?-inch finish nails, nail through the Trim and into the edges of the Tabletop to secure the Trim in place.
As an example in the picture, this will serve as an easier access to the things you will be storing inside. And with the addition of blocks to the front of the legs, it’s easy to fake the look of advanced mortise and tenon joinery. If you prefer to use math, the total length of the trim board (long-point to long-point) is roughly 1?-inches longer than the side it sets against.

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