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Instructables builders Robb Godshaw and wrdwise recently took on the standing desk phenomenon with a wooden treadmill desk shaped like a giant hamster wheel.
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Frozen-still, sitting for long periods at a time, staring away at the box – all while squishing the shiz out of my innards and acquiring what my mother graciously calls a “Secretary Spread”. What I enjoy most about this arrangement is that it is directly applicable to what I call  “Transient Design”.
Fasten the 4x Adils legs to the four corners of the Linnmon tabletop, creating the lower portion of the standing desk. Both my husband and I have found that using some sort of rubberized mat below our feet, helps with back and leg comfort while standing for longer periods of time. Fasten notched sheet wood piece to the top of your brackets as a shelf so that the top of your shelf aligns with your markings.
You can easily customize your wood elements by staining them to match the wood tint of other pieces in your space (a little Interior Design tip I love to share with clients…).
This sleek and sexy Color-Mood Chart will help guide you in choosing the perfect colors for your space, working with both mood associations and the Chakra system! It Looks Great - Pipe has a great industrial look that adds a modern feel to your environment. It's Customizable - Pipe can be cut on site or by the store to create a desk height that is an exact fit to your size. It's Solid - Pipe creates a rock solid base which can support a desktop of just about any shape, size and weight. It's Cost Effective - Pipe and fittings may seem like a costly option, but when compared to other standing desks on the market or building it yourself with wood, I think you'll find its a very cost effective option for building a frame for your desk. Perhaps the biggest hassle when building with pipe is having to deal with the threaded ends and threaded fittings.
The ten projects listed below have been built by our customers using pipe and Kee Klamp fittings.
Brian used Kee Klamp as the base for the main desk and then used plumbing fittings to attach the shelf riser in the back of the desk.
Gabe started off with his own idea, but then tapped into our design services team to help him get the exact list of fittings and pipe he needed to build his desk. Building a standing desk to suit your needs is one of the primary advantages of using Kee Klamp and pipe.
Another great option for standing desks in the office is our adjustable height table frame kit. I found an cheap pine table top online and cut it down to 60"x30" to be used as a standing computer desk and workspace as I begin engineering school. One thing that Ladson didn't realize before building his project was that Kee Klamp makes it easy to disconnect the top from the pipe frame. If you've been inspired to build your own standing desk with pipe and Kee Klamp you've got a couple different ways to move forward. If you're the creative type, just dig into our online catalog and build your dream desk with the fittings you find there.
If you're looking for further inspiration, there are many other standing desks in our projects area. The Steel Connection Solutions contains information on the BeamClamp, BoxBolt and Grating Clip products.

To get the remaining 4″ of height we needed, we bought one set of these these heavy duty $20 bed risers. The boards are for building a supportive network on the underside of the desk, since we won’t be using the metal frame IKEA sells. The circular saw made short work of the boards (The Home Depot is able to cut for you in the store if you lack the tools or confidence with a saw). I shopped for the right chair for a long time (over a month!) before settling on the Boss Caressoft Drafting Stool B16425-BK. For our DIY standing desks we wanted the biggest surfaces we could get-  and since we own this place, we were completely free to anchor things to the wall. Techni Mobili also offers a slightly larger computer cart version with roll-out keyboard and more shelf space. An additional 15.25 inches may not be enough for very tall people, so always measure your current desk before ordering.
The Executive Stand Steady Standing Desk has the largest dimensions of any product in its category and adjustable height. Try to ignore the hilariously bad Photoshop job, the Speedy Standup has great reviews and a good price – just $60. Electric adjustable desks typically come with a price tag somewhere between $1500 and $3000, but if you’re willing to hand-crank it you can have a all the frills of an electric adjustable desk for a fraction of the price. The project requires four sheets of plywood, two skate wheels, two pipes, and 240 wood screws.
Step forward into a world of infinite potential, bounded only by the smooth arcs of a wheel.
It’s decent-looking, functional and quite healthy when regularly-alternating your work position. It is perfect for those of us who are not looking to invest a ton of money into functional design elements, with the understanding that we may not be in our current location for many years to come – without sacrificing our daily well-being of course. The thickness of the sheet wood will affect the solidity of your desk here – you can optionally secure the sitting and standing portions together to strengthen to combo. I tend to start off my day standing, and if I need to read a long document or am in the midst of writing a blog (like this one!), I tend to sit down. Please use newer version of your browser or visit Internet Explorer 6 countdown page for more information. Be inspired by their work and build your own standing desk by selecting your own fittings, using one of our table frame kits or tapping into our project assistance. A member of our projects team worked up this SketchUp diagram of Gabe's desk to ensure that all the pipe lengths would be cut just right. This kit allows you to build a desk that can be set in a standing or sitting configuration. Using the same basic frame as this DIY standing desk, he coated a piece of fiber board in carbon fiber tape that he found on eBay. He used a Kee Klamp and pipe frame for the base and attached it to a pine top using carriage bolts. Loosening the pipe in the flanges attached to the desktop would have made the top detachable. The pilot hole helps prevent the screw from changing course as you’re screwing it in. Step forward into the Hamster Wheel Standing Desk that will usher in a new era of unprecedented productivity. If you wish to secure it further, you can fasten L-brackets on the inner portion of the Lack legs to the top of the Linnmon Table Top.

Kee Klamps use a set screw that bites into the pipe to form a solid, structural connection.
You simply won't find a standing desk on the market that looks like the desk pictured above.
These desks look great and are a low-cost, highly-durable solution for office standing desks. It also allows for finite adjustments so that the desk can be adjusted to the ideal ergonomic height of the individual. The big item is that there is generally no good place to store all the "stuff" that goes with computers except by piling it all on the desktop. I went to many websites, called about half a dozen furniture people and finally found this option online. Wood screws were the obvious choice, but they did not seem most functional for long-term use if I needed to breakdown and move the table.
I might also call this the Windows 8 standing desk :) Jason used a standard configuration that can be found in many of the other desks on this page. We've designed these kits after helping our customers design their own desk frames for years. This customer wanted to have a spot for two separate computers and a long shelf underneath the desk to store books. The basic table frame kit will provide you with the fittings and pipe you need to build this standing desk. For my desk, I build a large box, essentially, with a split top that lifts off to give me access to the interior. I didn't go with the adjustable option but the legs can easily be modified if i decide to sit again.
So, I settled on counter-sunk machine bolts that matched the gator tubing and provided a nice contrast on the black painted wood surface. The lower portion of the desk works as a working surface and the upper portion doubles as a shelf and a higher work area.
He was able to build his own desk at a fraction of what it would cost to have something like this made by a carpenter. Overall, the table frame and table top connected together with the help of some shims where the underside surfaces didn't match up. The hardware is attached, making it more difficult to lose and because the components are steel they are not likely to be broken. Best of all, this chair is tall enough for Jim to use, too, so we just share this one as it’s pretty rare for both of us to want to sit at the same time. It can be moved when needed and makes a great solution for anyone who is trying to build a standing up desk on top of an existing desk. Since wood is actually a decent insulator, I added some air holes and fans to keep the components inside the desk cool.
Finally, I mounted a surge protector to the underside of the table to provide easy access for power cords. Because the unit is made with pipe, it offers the weight needed to offset the weight of the Apple Cinema Display.

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