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First, before you do any digging, you need to call OKIE at 1-800-522-OKIE or a national dig line to check where the underground utilities are. We are an Oklahoma City Fence Company serving the cities and communities of Edmond OK, Oklahoma City OK, OKC, Moore OK, Norman OK, Yukon OK, Del City OK, Midwest City OK, Mustang OK, Newcastle OK, Bethany OK, Choctaw OK, Warr Acres, Nichols Hills, The Village, Piedmont, and more in Oklahoma.
We build our gates in an up-right position, if you prefer you can alter these instructions to build your gate on the ground doing what feels more natural to you. We also use professional air tools that you may substitute with screws or hand driven nails (ring shank nails are best but hard to drive) in place of nail guns.
Mark the rail positions on the posts with a pencil using a long level prior to securing your rails.
The temporary nails should be positioned for easy removal once the pickets are applied and the hinges attached. If you want a convex top to your gate be sure to allow at least 8" of extra picket to rise above your top rail to give you enough wood to shape cut. The key is understanding a few basics about gate building and you can build any design gate you want. If not position your bottom rail at 5 inches off the ground and your top rail 6 inches from post top.

Pre-start a nail in the brace before you position it on the rail, while holding the rail firmly, attach the brace to the rails. Picket the gate by placing your first picket to height at the hinge post, this picket can be permanently attached now.
These are readily available at Home Depot and other large home improvement stores (see resources for additional online suppliers). If you want your gate to be invisible (look just like part of the fence, with hinges and latches on the inside) make sure you precut a few inches off the bottom of your pickets or panel before you build the gate.
Use a piece of PVC pipe and trace a gentle convex on the top of the gate (with help from a friend or clamps). Neither the service provider nor the domain owner maintain any relationship with the advertisers. For those who are looking for some guidance of how to build a wooden fence better to stick with me here in order to find out more about it.
These instructions can be adapted for construction of custom, hidden, panel, lattice, or driveway gates. Take a second picket and mark it at the same height as the first and temporarily attach it to the rails at the latch post (leave the nails or screws half driven, for easy removal).

In case of trademark issues please contact the domain owner directly (contact information can be found in whois). This time, we are going to give you some direction of building the wooden fence for your crib. Attach the pickets, if nailing the pickets on without a nail gun do so by supporting the rails from behind.
Shovel will be used by the time you have reached a 10-inch-diameter hole and for 32 inches, you should use post digger. You almost there since you just need to tack string 5 inches more from the ground to the side face of the post. This is the right moment to draw the string and wrap it around the stake in order to help you make the mark off the first face of the fence.
You could get the right length by calculating the first post and the fence panel.You have to move into the next step by digging a second post-hole and use wood wedges when it comes to the time for you to prop the fence panel.

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