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By looking at a floor plan before you settle on a design, you will be able to work out precisely how you want your cabin laid out, and of course, how big it should be. Choosing somewhere to buy your log cabin kit is something that should be thought about carefully. Suppliers that are able to sell you custom planned log cabins will work with you on every detail, from working out each room, to discussing what type of logs, the environmental benefits of choosing one type over another, and of course, how your choice will effect things like air and water tightness.
Many people who have rental log homes go the kit and custom plan route because it allows them to tailor the cabin exactly to the specific environment in which it is to be placed.
Log cabin kits provide anyone with the opportunity to build their own custom designed log cabin without the huge expense of hiring a builder. Recent CommentsKalyn on The Rubbermaid Shed-Rubbermaid Sheds A Popular Choice for Homeownersmike chambers on Log Cabin Kits-The Essentials for Log Cabin BuildingMargaret R.
We came across this company while researching completely unrelated articles.  These small metal arched buildings are 14 by 20 feet and the base kit is on sale right now (until April 15, 2014) for $3,695. Penny Tree – Oops, I meant there is a link at the end of the article that should have some interior shots.
These are very cool – however if you really look at the price it would cost well over $5000 even with the discount. If you just click on the link that is supplied in the article, you can find answers to most of these questions. For more information, please click on the link at the bottom of the post to go to the manufacturer’s site. Yea if they would do what they say they would have alot of sales but rarely do you find honest people these days that do what they say they will do there is always a big sunrise. Like any other above ground structure this would not be a remotely good place to be in the event of a tornado and like any other place being hit directly by a tornado this little guy isnt going to make it.
About as well as A mobile home but than again A real house will get blown half way across the county in A big tornado. Again where does it give directions on how to build these or are they kits and you have to buy and that is the only way? You would probably have more people subscribe to your newsletter if you answered some questions or provided any information.

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Staying in someone else's cabin is a great way to spend your vacation, but how would you like to build your own private cabin from a kit? The natural beauty and comfort of a log home or cabin is what draws so many people to build a cabin of their own.
That can be a reality with a log cabin home kit that you can build yourself, provided you have the necessary skills, or hire a builder to complete. Companies that specialize in do it yourself cabin kits usually take up to 2 months, between 45 to 60 days from order, to get all of your cabin materials to your lot or the location you specify. By that time you should have all permits and the foundation and slab poured and your lot already prepped. You are now in the planning stages and there are lots of log cabin kit manufacturers available.
While you are doing research have a look at log home floor plans so you can decide how large you want your cabin to be and the layout. I would recommend a few books to get you started because there is so much to learn to learn. There is a wonderful company out of Tulsa and Waukomis Oklahoma that specializes in log cabin decor that has everything you could possibly need to decorate your log cabin, lodge or home. Whether you need bedding, lighting, dishes, accessories for the kitchen, bath, or bedrooms, Black Forest Decor has what you need.
Energy is another issue you will need to consider, and this is going to depend greatly upon just where you plan to put your log cabin. Or, you can work with a professional from the company you have selected to supply your kit. The best suppliers will have multiple options for you which are ready to go, and some will allow you to slightly modify the base design for a little extra cost.

For example, a log home that is going to be built in a mountainous region that is under snow in winter, is generally going to be different to one built on a lake front, or even in your backyard.
The base price is basically just the arched shell – the ends are extra ($500 each), the beam bracing is extra ($50 each 1 per every 2ft), and you have to build a foundation of some type. Can someone please come over to my house and move my mouse and click on the link for me so I can get more information, because the internet is sooooo haaaaaaaarrrrrrd. This comfort and serenity of the country lifestyle is something that many people are longing for today.
Go to Yahoo or Google and search under several different terms for topics related to log cabin home kits. Understanding the terminology and having a feel for how your new cabin will be built will put you in a great position to talk with cabin kit manufacturers.
Here is a step by step guide to help you hire a quality home improvement or new cabin contractor. You generally do get what you pay for when it comes to log home kits, especially concerning the quality of the logs, amongst other factors. A good company will have quality, experienced staff on hand who can work you through every step of the planning stage before they finalise the sale.
They will then ship the materials to you in a modular fashion, so that it is all ready to be assembled. The destination of the log cabin has a great bearing on the way you will design it and build it.
Do lots of research and get pricing and information from several different companies because prices can vary widely depending on variables such as the kind of wood, size of wood, kit customization and other things.

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