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Frozen-still, sitting for long periods at a time, staring away at the box – all while squishing the shiz out of my innards and acquiring what my mother graciously calls a “Secretary Spread”. What I enjoy most about this arrangement is that it is directly applicable to what I call  “Transient Design”.
Fasten the 4x Adils legs to the four corners of the Linnmon tabletop, creating the lower portion of the standing desk.
Both my husband and I have found that using some sort of rubberized mat below our feet, helps with back and leg comfort while standing for longer periods of time. Fasten notched sheet wood piece to the top of your brackets as a shelf so that the top of your shelf aligns with your markings. You can easily customize your wood elements by staining them to match the wood tint of other pieces in your space (a little Interior Design tip I love to share with clients…).
This sleek and sexy Color-Mood Chart will help guide you in choosing the perfect colors for your space, working with both mood associations and the Chakra system!
I was inspired by tons of great articles on Lifehacker and IKEAhackers, but I wanted something insanely cheap and really, really tall.
My design is really simple, and you too, can build your own IKEA standing desk in just a couple hours, and for less than $200. You'll need only a couple household L-brackets, some wood screws and two IKEA pieces: a VIKA Amon Table Top and a BESTA Shelf Unit.
Assemble your Shelf Unit as per instructions, then place your Table Top upside down on a flat, padded surface to measure and draw guide marks.
The standing desk's shelves are adjustable and the unit is quite sturdy once loaded full of stuff.
Incorporating this new standing desk into my workflow has increased my mobility and strengthened my lower back, legs and calf muscles. To get the remaining 4″ of height we needed, we bought one set of these these heavy duty $20 bed risers. The boards are for building a supportive network on the underside of the desk, since we won’t be using the metal frame IKEA sells. The circular saw made short work of the boards (The Home Depot is able to cut for you in the store if you lack the tools or confidence with a saw). I shopped for the right chair for a long time (over a month!) before settling on the Boss Caressoft Drafting Stool B16425-BK. For our DIY standing desks we wanted the biggest surfaces we could get-  and since we own this place, we were completely free to anchor things to the wall. Techni Mobili also offers a slightly larger computer cart version with roll-out keyboard and more shelf space.
An additional 15.25 inches may not be enough for very tall people, so always measure your current desk before ordering.
The Executive Stand Steady Standing Desk has the largest dimensions of any product in its category and adjustable height. Try to ignore the hilariously bad Photoshop job, the Speedy Standup has great reviews and a good price – just $60. Electric adjustable desks typically come with a price tag somewhere between $1500 and $3000, but if you’re willing to hand-crank it you can have a all the frills of an electric adjustable desk for a fraction of the price. You can build a customized desk by mixing and matching a assortment of components and pieces. A huge standing desk like this one should provide sufficient storage for all the fundamental things and ought to be cozy adequate even for a tall person. Really don’t you just dislike it when all the cables and wires and sticking out and seeking unsightly? If you want your standing desk to be as tiny as achievable and nevertheless to even now be functional and useful, think about mounting the check on the wall. The desk is all one colour but you can come to feel totally free to make yours search even so you want. Build the trestle support, match the pegs, drill the holes, finish the assistance and then every thing will begin to fall into area. This entry was posted in Other Ideas and tagged Appeal, Desk, Ergonomic, Hacks, Ikea, Standing on August 5, 2014 by admin. Sound Design Stack Exchange is a question and answer site for sound engineers, producers, editors, and enthusiasts.
It never used to bother me all that much, but I seem to have reached the point where I'm starting to feel really stiff and achy. I've done a fair bit of reading about sitting apparati, especially the Herman Miller Aeron. While this is an interesting and well done question, it doesn't seem to really be about sound design in its current form.

Once I was working as a "mail sorting man" in a warehouse, and my desk was adjustable but not by a motor, but by a foot pedal. I still believe the best solution is stretching before and after work, as well as having one of those hot beads that you throw in the microwave and then wrap around your neck. I actually just adjusted my desk last week to standing and so far have been really enjoying it! I do however still need to get something to mount my speakers and monitors on, they're currently not quite as high as they should be and I'm concerned that over time that'll start to affect my neck and cause more aching.
My advice would be if you can somehow prop your desk up on something and give it a shot, then do it and see how it works. I had recently moved to Berkeley and didn't own a desk, yet, so I invested in an Ergotron Workfit-S.
Once I'd raised everything up, it was clear that the arrangement suited me considerably and was going to continue long after I departed that job. On exiting Lucas, I needed to find a standing workstation for my home studio and it was no easy task at that time.
The nice thing about the arrangement is that the acoustics can be tuned for one position, but I can sit or stand to be in that position. I was initially concerned about getting my clients (who sit behind me) to an elevated height, too.
All told, I still love having a standing workstation and have no intention of altering it anytime soon. A lot of folks use the tall type desk chairs and just sit and stand alternately while keeping their desk higher.
It helps build core strength (which is critical for back health), and it doesnt take any time out of the day.
Whether you believe in standing desks or not, if you are spending 40+ hours a week sitting behind a computer there is no way that is going to be good for you. Not the answer you're looking for?Browse other questions tagged workspace studio-design or ask your own question. It’s decent-looking, functional and quite healthy when regularly-alternating your work position.
It is perfect for those of us who are not looking to invest a ton of money into functional design elements, with the understanding that we may not be in our current location for many years to come – without sacrificing our daily well-being of course. The thickness of the sheet wood will affect the solidity of your desk here – you can optionally secure the sitting and standing portions together to strengthen to combo. I tend to start off my day standing, and if I need to read a long document or am in the midst of writing a blog (like this one!), I tend to sit down. Please use newer version of your browser or visit Internet Explorer 6 countdown page for more information.
I've been sitting in front of a computer for 12 hours a day for well over 10 years now, and my zombie corpse has been slowly falling apart because of it. I mounted my Table Top dead-center on my Shelf Unit, and if you do the same, yours will overhang the Shelf Unit front and rear by about 7" as well as left and right by about 5.75".
I filled mine up with my existing orange IKEA cardboard storage and magazine boxes, which fit perfectly. Now, if only I can do something about this new, chronic numbness in my heels;A I think something NEW is killing me. In other words, wouldn’t you love to have an IKEA standing desk in your home so you can better concentrate on the task at hand, burn calories and maintain a nice posture at the same time? Another idea is creating a whiteboard desk, which Bob Clagett did and describes on his blog, I Like to Make Stuff.
The pilot hole helps prevent the screw from changing course as you’re screwing it in. In other phrases, wouldn’t you adore to have an IKEA standing desk in your property so you can far better focus on the task at hand, burn up calories and maintain a wonderful posture at the identical time?
You can include storage to the desk, maybe a shelf beneath for the printer or one particular for documents and other supplies. You will need to drill a couple of holes but this shouldn’t be a deal breaker.located on spacekat. For illustration, this standing desk is a combination amongst a tabletop from IKEA and a mid-century contemporary credenza the proprietor previously had in the property.
I was having the same problem as you, aching from sitting 8-12 hours a day and read some Lifehacker etc posts and decided to give it a shot. My feet are a little sore each day but that's lessening and I've read that other people have had the same thing and it's gone as time passes.
If you're holding your body improperly or with a lot of tension then it's just as bad as sitting with bad posture.

While working in a tiny space I was able to get along with cheap wall-mount TV stands from Home Depot, but they make acoustics quite difficult to tune; the low frequencies load up considerably at the wall when the speakers are so near the sheetrock. But the reality is that a 12' x 13' room is going to have drastic bass holes regardless of whether my clients are on tall chairs or not. That way you are going back and forth, but also since you're standing to do emails, browsing and etc it's more likely that you'll spend less time doing it. If you look at the people who are standing, the vast majority of them would say that they would never go back to sitting. If you wish to secure it further, you can fasten L-brackets on the inner portion of the Lack legs to the top of the Linnmon Table Top.
Set your Table Top in final position atop your assembled Shelf Unit, make sure it lines up with your guide marks, then drill small holes into the Shelf Unit sides and Table Top bottom, about an inch back from the Shelf Unit's leading front edge.
We have 10 fantastic styles for you to try and they are all featuring pieces you can get from IKEA. I haven't tried it yet myself, but I'm seriously considering it for the rebuild of my personal room. To date though, I haven't seen a better "standing" design than the one Jory Prum has got in his studio. I'd been working up at Skywalker Sound, had seen Beau Borders' standing workstation, and thought it was an excellent idea. I also found that clients rarely wanted to sit tall and it would also necessitate a tall desk for them, which I really don't have room for. That way you won't have to modify your audio rig in any extreme way (especially in case it ends up that you're not happy working standing up).
No one is saying we should be standing all day, rather a few hours a day will definitely help our bodies. That tells you a lot about whether or not standing desks are going to be a fad or or something more permanent. CAUTION: take care when drilling, as the Table Top is largely hollow and I nearly drilled right through mine. As a finishing touch, I used a few IKEA half moon desk pieces mounted to a few spare CAPITAs to house my modem, external drive and TimeCapsule.
Just seem how simple and straight-forward this standing desk is and how neatly it hides everything. This way you can use the added space for other functions when you’re not operating.located on apartmenttherapy. Also, with a standing desk I move around a lot while I'm listening or waiting for the computer. Since my job at LucasArts included both sound design and studio maintenance work, I was constantly sitting down for very short periods to setup a batch process, then running down the hall to continue a task in the recording studio. It had been unsellable at the shop I discovered it in and they gave me a huge discount to take it off their hands. I felt that Sound Anchors made very sturdy stands (especially for earthquake prone San Francisco) and contacted them about getting tall stands built.
Best of all, this chair is tall enough for Jim to use, too, so we just share this one as it’s pretty rare for both of us to want to sit at the same time.
I also ordered a tall drafting chair so I could easily alternate between sitting and standing at any time. It really hasn't been an issue, but it should be considered if your workstation will be utilized by a variety of people.
I added about 20 inches to the standard height, so the 5 stands were definitely not inexpensive.
Oh, and you'll still have a sitting scenario in case you're hung-over or not feeling well and prefer to sit for the day. You can add storage to the desk, maybe a shelf underneath for the printer or one for documents and other supplies. He just raised up his monitor and put a pedestal-like table in front of his desk for his keyboard and tablet. Just look how simple and straight-forward this standing desk is and how neatly it hides everything. For example, this standing desk is a combination between a tabletop from IKEA and a mid-century modern credenza the owner already had in the house. The red shelf also makes it pop a little and it’s a nice way of customizing the design.

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