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Use straight blade razors to scrape away the old paint and to give the door an ultra-smooth finish.
Step 6: Get the Cabot pre-stain wood conditioner and your foam brushes and quickly do a coat following manufacturers instructions. Step 7: Get the Rustoleum Summer oak stain and foam brush and do 2 coats of stain following manufacturers instructions. Step 10: Get out your polyurethane and yet another foam brush, and following manufacturers instructions do 3 coats of poly. Step 15: Pre-drill the holes for the lag bolts and washers, then screw in the washer and lag bolts. Step 16: Take your plumbing pieces and put them together like what you see in the picture below.
This entry was posted in Bungalow Restore, Furniture, Home Decor, T-Shirt Projects, Tutorials, Upcycled, Wood and tagged barn door, cat door, diy, diy barn door, stain, Upcycled. Awesome door, going to gather all materials to make one for a downstairs office converted into a bedroom.

Lindsey, one other thing I should try and snag from you (since you’re so great at responding!) – about how heavy is your door??
Hi Karin- I used glue do the boards in between and clamped until dry and I removed the clamps after I screwed in the metal straps on the front. 10 DIY Reclaimed Coffee Tables That Inspire - Shelterness Search for: BEGIN TYPING YOUR SEARCH ABOVE AND PRESS RETURN TO SEARCH.
The door’s width and height were increased by installing salvaged 2x4s around the perimeter. Get that orbital sander out and use an 80 grit to sand and shape corners and get the overally look you want. If you like this look then stop here and go to Step 10Step 8: After the summer oak has dried, get out the Verathane Cognac and a foam brush. I may or may not have already known that about these boards, but I’ll make sure to measure the door out before buying the straps then.
I am thinking if you stand on a scale with 1 board and see what one weighs then mulply that out?

Your door is great, use wanted to post that I did a barn door on an effenciency apartment about a year ago and I found the hardware at The Home Depot. I know the door must be really heavy but do you have any issues with it swinging when you open and close it? As the humidity goes up in the Summer, the wood expands, causing the door to bow and rub the wall.
You can also be really creative with their design and use not only reclaimed beam s but also reclaimed wooden doors, pallets and fence planks.
It will look like you just covered your whole door in red and ruined all the awesome patina..

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