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The basic concept of this design is so simple, and you could make all kinds of variations to organize different things – coins, marble collections, minifigure parts, school supplies, rubber bands, paper clips, magnets.
Aidan has this on his desk now, but unfortunately it will be a temporary build as it used SO many of our basic bricks!
You can have the latest posts from Frugal Fun for Boys delivered to your inbox every Friday! We used smooth flat bricks along the bottom of the drawer opening to make the drawers slide in and out. A We’d love to see a picture on our Facebook page – share one if your kids build this!

A But it was enjoyable to build, and the fun of Legos is building something different next time, anyway. Different style and design makes boots known as the most fashionable shoes, people who have interest with boot commonly familiar with country and traditional theme. Anyway, if you have many boots, I’m sure you need better place for your private collection; you need to know how to create boot organizer ideas. Good news, today, I will try to show you the latest boot organizers, use the picture as reference and be inspired with the creativity.Unlike the regular shoes, boots designed with different style and size, I’m sure you need to customize your shoes storage if you want to make it as boot organizer. But I recommend creating brand new boot organizer, you know that people who already know about DIY project commonly do any project by themselves, so why don’t you try it?

In case you have small space, I suggest to choose wall mounted boot organizing, it means you need to attach organizer right on the wall.After the wall organizer for boots set, another important thing is the decoration, well, you can try to explore more information about boot organizer ideas decoration.

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