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If you’d like to have the look of natural stone in your shower stall or tub enclosure but thought the cost was out of reach – think again!
Design Imaging of Orem Utah combined their knowledge of computerized imaging to replicate the look of large slabs of stone and marble. 20 different patterns provides a large degree of design flexibility for any decorating theme. These wall panels can be installed over old tile to reduce installation time and disposal costs (note – make sure the tile walls are not spongy to ensure there is no mold behind the backer wall). Easy to install corner shelves, recessed niches and accent borders improve the look and functionality of the enclosure. The primary use of this material is for tub enclosures and shower stalls, but it can also be used for kitchen backsplashes or any other area where a natural stone look is desired.
On a nationwide basis this material can be purchased by a homeowner or contractor through Innovate Building Solutions. If you’re looking for more information or an estimate to install these designer shower or tub wall panels contact The Bath Doctor of Cleveland (216-531-6085) or Columbus (614-252-7294).For nationwide direct product sales call Innovate Building Solutions (877-668-5888). The finished bathroom was a stylish door-less shower highlighted with a one of a kind glass block design with several unique uses of durable species of wood in the trim, ceiling and cabinetry. As Debi said, “We were looking to convert our little bity bathroom into a larger walk in shower.
Decorative glass block shower wall with cocobolo trim – Working with Lillie Burton from Innovate Building Solutions 3 glass block patterns (Vue, Decora and Seascapes) were combined with a “sunset” colored glass blocks and decorative glass tile blocks to create a distinctive design.
Happy Floors  12” x 24″ porcelain tiles in Bambu Beige– Debi just loves the abstract look of the  porcelain tiles which were laid horizontally from the floor to the ceiling. Teak flooring used on the ceiling – This room takes on a stunning and warm appearance with the use of teak flooring on the ceiling of the entire bathroom.
In addition George made a custom towel rack that looks like a small ladder – what a fun and functional use of wood!

While Debi and George were very hands on with this project (creating the cabinets, towel stand, glass block wall installation and final wood trim details) – they also had help in the final result. When Kelly Persichetti and her husband John looked at their large bathroom picture window they knew something had to be done. Learn below how Kelly (in conjunction with the Columbus Glass Block division of Innovate Building Solutions) used a frosted glass block bathroom window with the “protect all” fabrication system to upgrade the space.
While looking at Tina Crabb’s finished luxury bathroom would make many people envious – what makes this project even more special is the “under the hood” elements you don’t see. During a bathroom remodeling project, great things can happen when contractors, suppliers and homeowners work together on design and delivery.
In Part 1 of this series learn how Tina, in conjunction with Jeff Pettus (owner of general contracting company Snowline Designs) and Ray Visco (owner of Visco Tile and Stone), identified and used innovative bathroom accessories and other products to create an impressive bath design which combined dramatic style and long term functionality (note: Part 2 of this series focuses on the quality driven installation approach used Jeff and Ray to make sure the project lasts).
In the past when you saw a glass block shower wall it used the basic wave pattern block and was built unit by unit at the job site. We can create a door for you in a variety of wood species, sizes and thickness, with panels, carvings and distressings, and with glass or without. We've been in business for over 30 years and are the most competitively priced custom door manufacturer you'll find anywhere. Custom-Carport-DuringHalfway through building front wall and installing garage door in metal carport. In the video and article below learn the benefits and uses of a cost effective, low maintenance shower and tub wall panel system which is rapidly growing in popularity. These images are then bonded to a PVC backing and sealed to create designer shower or tub wall panels.
On a regional basis The Bath Doctor of Cleveland, Akron and Columbus Ohio can provide installation service.
The wall was trimmed with cocobolo wood – which is an oily, dense wood which has red, brown and white colors naturally inherent in the wood.

The big sized tiles are not only nice and stylish to look at, but they result in fewer and smaller grout joints. In the main portion of the bathroom George built a custom bathroom cabinet and vanity with ribbon wood and birch trim. The construction and build out was done by Kitchen and Bath Wizards and the glass blocks were provided by Innovate Building Solutions.
The wood frame around the existing window was badly deteriorated and the window (which is on the driveway side) needed to be covered by shutters for privacy. Tina Crabb, of Black Hawk Colorado, was looking to give a facelift to a master bathroom in a home she and her husband purchased 15 years ago. Fortunately product and installation innovations have taken glass block shower walls to another level. This is what the metal carport looked like when we finished building the front wall and installed garage door.
Fortunately there is an exciting new product called a mosaic tile glass block which can achieve this objective and add a lot of style to a room as well. The old bathroom was dated and the jetted spa tub took up too much room and was seldom used. Learn below how using premade expanded polystyrene sections (and premade glass block sections) inside the glass block courses can make it possible to add a unique decorative tile border and create a high quality project (no matter how complex the shape of the wall).

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