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Definition: Pallet-craft is reusing wood from shipping crates or pallets to make furniture, shelving, toys, decks, planters, sheds, animal pens, compost bins, ceilings, accent walls (wall cladding), benches and other useful items. Our focus here is on functional, quality, popular items for DIY builders – how to turn discarded pallets into useful items around your home, and incorporate pallets into construction of the home itself. I’m extending the porch on my current house to a deck before the house goes on the market. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.

Pallet craft can be as simple as making a bird house or an entire custom home out of (typically) free salvaged pallets. MB (Methyl-Bromide) pallets are treated with pesticides and fungicides to deter insects and mold, and are not recommended for projects in your home (although they will likely be more durable for decks, fences and other outdoor uses). I think I will try using pallets for the decking, but they will be supported on PT joists and posts set in concrete.
The field is booming, which is evident from the proliferation of content on the Internet and from traffic to our site (‘pallet’ and ‘pallet furniture’ are top search terms).

The soil is north Texas clay that expands and contracts like rubber bands, and the porch level is three feet high.

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