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If you want to build a simple table for your garden, you should pay attention to this woodworking project. There are several aspects you should take into account before starting your garden project. Lay the wooden legs on a level surface and attach the cross-braces and the tabletop supports as in the image.
Drill pilot holes at both ends of the slats before inserting the wood screws into the supports. PRO TIP: Fill the holes with a good wood filler and smooth the surface with 120-grit sandpaper. After you have built the side of the picnic table, you should attach the wooden counter-top. After you have attached the top slats, we recommend you to lock all the components together into a rigid structure, by installing galvanized wood screws. Smart Tip: Place the slats equally spaced, by placing a nail or a piece of wood between them. After you have assembled all the components of the picnic bench, you need to pay attention to the finishing touches. Thank you for reading our article about how to build a wood picnic table and we recommend you to check out the rest of our projects. The needs of picnic table is felt by most people who want to spend create joyful moment in their own home. Hundreds of woodworking patterns for furniture, cabinets, workbench, picnic table and Also, plans for building your own picnic tables that you can buy, Attractive octagon -shaped picnic table is just the right size for children. Basically, if you have several basic tools and know several woodworking skills, you can get the job done by yourself in just a few hours.
After building the wooden components from 2×4 lumber, you should assemble them together with wood screws and carriage bolts. As you can easily notice in the plans, after aligning the components at both ends, you should lock them together with 5″ carriage bolts. In addition, we strongly recommend you to countersink the head of the screws, if you really want to get a neat result.
In addition, you could use a router to smooth the edges and to add character to your woodworking project.

As you can see in the image, you need to fit a 2×4 support to the middle of the tabletop and fit two braces.
Therefore, we recommend you to check if the components are locked into place properly and if the frame is rigid. Apply several coats of paint or stain over the components, in order to protect them from decay. If you have enjoyed the free project, we recommend you to share it with your friends, by using the social media widgets.
In this article we show you basic plans, as any amateur handyman could get the job done, just with common tools and basic woodworking techniques. In addition, after designing the table, according to your needs, you should write down all the materials needed for this project.
Whenever is required, plumb the elements with a spirit level and lock them with several C-clamps. In order to get the job done like a pro, we recommend you to build the wooden top on the ground, and then to attach it to the side legs. In order to obtain a neat look, we recommend you to miter cut both ends of the braces, at 26?. Don’t forget to share our articles with your friends, by using the social media widgets. You can find this info on internet or on the store which sell the materials you are going to use.
You can download and obtain the hexagon picnic table plans build 1 images by click the download button below to get multiple high-resversions.
Moreover, you can adjust the size of the picnic table to your needs and tastes, but use the instructions described in this step by step project.
On the other hand, make sure you use quality lumber that is weather resistant and has a beautiful natural finish, such as cedar, pine or redwood.
Don’t forget that you should adjust the size of the table to your needs, so you may want to cut the legs at a different size.
Moreover, place the slats equally spaced, otherwise you won’t get a symmetrical result.
If you like to spend time in your garden and you need a rustic table, we recommend you to follow the step by step instructions and to build it in a weekend.

Afterwards, go to several lumberyards and ask an estimate for the materials (lumber designed for outdoor use, such as: cedar, pine, redwood or pressure treated).
In addition, use a drill machinery to make pilot holes before inserting the galvanized screws, otherwise the wood might split. Let the compound to dry out for several days, before sanding the surface with medium-grit sandpaper. That is why they need picnic table in which they can do activities outdoors, have chit chat with friends, dine with their loved ones, or simply monitor their children who play around. You can ask you relatives who have ever made one so build your own picnic table will not be difficult anymore.
Fill the holes with filler and smooth the surface with medium-grit sandpaper, if you want to get a professional look.
Moreover, the components should be installed properly, making sure the gaps between the slats are even. If you have several 2×4 slats from other projects and common power tools, you can get the job done even quicker, in just several hours. There are various tables on the stores with different styles, designs, materials, prices, and quality. Nevertheless, make sure you ask a friend to assist you during the construction process, as an extra pair of hands would be very useful. As a general rule, the slats have to be perfectly straight and without any other visible flaws. But if you wish to make it on your own, before everything else you need to know about build your own picnic table plans. You can acquire hexagon picnic table plans build 1 and see the Hexagon Picnic Table Plans As Comfort Table in here. Build your own picnic table is chosen by many people because it is cheaper than buying a set. You will save money on the making and able to use the money on buying picnic supplies instead.

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