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First I've tried to get multiple quotes for this project, but have just had contractors say they're to busy.
As for the trusses you are getting, the picture you drew showed stick built rafters with a ridge board.
You can attach the roof to the house using a ledger board, but this requires careful flashing of the ledger. What would be the benefit in using a ledger board over just nailing the joist hanger to the band joist?
I'll have 2 of those ties on each side connected to the house plus half the weight will be on the (2) 8x8x12's at the other end. II days ago I hold out about building a shed cap overhang for group A VI ft how to build a shed roof over a door. Roofentrance roof cap over basementRoof This lowly visualise actually solved axerophthol boastful pee problem.
Last week was devoted entirely to Haven for me and I have been completely exhausted after a week of running like crazy, but my daddy was hard at work at the house, getting a couple more things accomplished.  I’ll do a recap on Haven on Tuesday and it was SO fabulous, I hardly have words to express it all. He went and bought lumber to get started and this was the very beginning that I snapped pics of at dusk one afternoon. And here it is all framed in and almost finished.  The metal roof will go on top of this and it will all get painted out white.
I never showed you the finished master bedroom paint, so here is Moderate White (SW) again. Another thing my dad got done was tearing out the old vanity sink cabinet from in here.  This will be a great space for my antique vanity.
Our new house has a cute little balcony, I’d definitely want to add a table, chairs and some plants so my hubby and I can really enjoy it. Bob (my husband and handyman)and I are spending lots of time at Lowe’s renovating our deck. If I won, I would get some more plants for my front flowerbed or put it towards a table and chairs for the back deck.
If I had $100 to spend at Lowe’s for an outside project I would probably buy some landscape lighting.

I just planted their very first veggie garden ( so lil ones can see where their food comes from, and take some home, too ), and it would be nice to add some outdoor furniture or some child-friendly garden items ( watering cans and whatnot).
I’m enjoying seeing all the activity with getting your new home updated and the paint has been such a huge part of updating the spaces.
I have been wanting to plant a tree outside my breakfast nook for privacy from the neighbors. I look forward to reading all about your updates to your new home and would love to win the Lowes gift card to update my laundry room.
I keep threatening to take down the old and spray paint them but my husband isn’t crazy about that idea!!
If I won the Lowes giftcard I would work on a garden we are redoing along the side of our garage.
In order to determine the size for the beam, you need to calculate the total load on the beam, which is essentially half the roof load (presumably there is another beam on the opposite side).
Or you can install a couple of posts and not structurally attach the roof to the house, but then you will need diagonal bracing to stiffen the framing. I originally was going to build the trusses myself, but just decided this week to purchase them since it shouldn't add to much to the overall cost. So I assume you have to take the total weight of the roof, plus any snow load, then divide by 4 to get the weight per tie? Showing you step by footfall instruction manual on how to build a 8×10 shed framing the walls install Dan Enright as helium and his work party work on the slough ceiling over the kitchen family room. I’m still on a Haven high!  I did get some great sleep last night, so I’m feeling like a human being again. But thanks to you and all the other ladies, I met you and so many other beautiful and talented women. Roof load is generally driven by snow loading if you are in snow country, else wind loading may control. You need to discuss loads with your truss manufacturer, typically they are very aware of local code requirements, and will design your trusses to meet local codes, but they will normally give you specific details about how to attach the trusses to the walls (or beam in your case). Best to discuss with the building inspector, they will likely have some ideas on how to do it.

Then I saw that image I posted previously where they built that 2x4 beam inside the wall to support the load.
We had noticed that a bit of water comes in by this door when it rains, so it will be interesting to see if this stops it. If I won this giveaway, it would help us to update our little porch on the front of our house, I want to update it when we paint our house this summer and this would be such a wonderful help.
Your building inspector will be happy to show you the loads in your area, they will be clearly listed in the building code, and since you said you were getting a permit, you should discuss all loads with your building inspector before designing the structure (dead load, live load, seismic, impact, whatever the code requires you to design for).
There are likely to be specific pieces of hardware required, maybe hurricane clips, and the spacing of the trusses will be dictated by the truss manufacturer. As to the capacity of specific joist hangars, that will be listed in the catalog by the manufacturer. It was the only picture I could find of a gable roof attached which was still in the framing process. Or do I sit the beam just below the band joist and build a beam inside the wall to support it like in the other picture I have posted below? Once you have calculated the load on each hangar, you will be able to select the appropriate size. Your idea of nailing the truss to the wall may not be acceptable to the truss manufacturer, you need to discuss this with them. I prefer not to build the beam inside the wall just because that's a lot more siding I have to take off then cutting the house open could be another challenge since I have known water lines and electric running through. I definitely don't want to do a free standing roof mainly because I do have water lines and electric lines running along the back of my house.

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