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Most of the board’s components are connected together via wire wrap, including the large 48k memory card he built, as you can see from the link above.
It’s quite an impressive build, and ranks up there with some of the best Z80 based computers we have seen through the years. I love the wire wrapping on the component side, by using male headers that are much cheaper than wire wrap sockets. Im always in awe of someone who can put this sort of project together both hardware and the machine code to run it.
Yeah, it would be a little pointless to have a board with a fpga that you could implement the entire computer on running just the graphics. Could you please copy your brain, so I could upload your expirience and memory assembling this into my brain??
Thats sounds like a fancy name for old fashioned point to point wiring atop an actual wood bread board. I`ll take a handfull of 74 or 4000 series chips and a soldering iron over billy gates`s garbage ANYDAY! I have no objection to Learning stuff, I DO object to learning stuff that will be redundant next week and subject to the whim of someone else.

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Wondering if it is just plain old perfboard with the headers glued down or if their are solder pads on the backside to secure the headers & sockets. If he can redesign a high quality PC with Zero Overhead nothing before could compare to it.
I wasn`t feeling very well during most of the construction, so I would do all the soldering in the morning, and then spend the afternoon in bed wire-wrapping, designing for the next day, and then reading Z80 machine code manuals before bed time.
It seems that everyone has a great idea for an app, and there are those of us who are actually acting upon building them out (or want to find out more about the process).

Coders, entrepreneurs and software developers are welcome to attend, and learn how they can tap into community issues in order to better Buffalo in the realm of economic development and community service. Not only would this way be cheaper than traditional wire wrap sockets, but much easier than flipping and connecting on the backside which is a pain and error prone. If the 700 hours is correct, he spent almost 12 hours a day on this for two months straight.
The open house is intended to promote social entrepreneurship, through open source data and app development. Co-founder Powder Keg Festival that built the world's largest ice maze (Guinness Book of World Records). When closed, the machine is pretty unassuming, but once he folds down the keypad, you can see that all of his time has been put to good use.
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