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Submit the exact size of the wall where you want to stick the wallpaper, the exact height and width the mural has to have. Textured canvas type and matte finished, ideal for wall murals from photos of paintings or famous paintings.
The wall mural will be served in one or more panels of maximum 120 cm of width (depending on each material, for further information please contact us) and the corresponding length with a maximun of 300 cm, rolled in a cardboard tube, this making easy the assembly of the mural. Choose from two fantastic finishes for your wall murals, a soft, smooth satin finish or a canvas-style textured finish.
Canvas Paper Canvas-style texture and matte finish, ideal for murals of paintings or famous works.
Watch our videos and discover just how easy it is to mount our wall murals in just a few simple steps. Atlas Infinish ES interior wall insulation is composed of a Class A fire rated closed cell polyisocyanurate (polyiso) foam core faced with an embossed and scrub resistant, plain white acrylic coated aluminum foil facer on the front and a reflective foil facer on the back.
Due to its Class A rating, this interior wall insulation product is recommended for use in both commercial and residential applications.

When it comes to the best interior wall insulation, look no further than the perfect combination of energy saving and flexibility that is built into the Infinish ES. There are many benefits and uses when it comes to wall insulation for interior applications. 1 Conditioned thermal values were determined by ASTM Test Method C 518 at 75° mean temperature. The calendared white satin polymer vinyl is ideal for photo murals that will not shrink or stretch after installation. Nuestros vinilos decorativos y fotomurales se pueden instalar en cualquier superficie lisa. The backing makes application easy, in self-adhesive vinyl or with glue for the canvas finish (included with order).
Printed on a solid sheet, with inks protected against UV rays for up to 20 years in interior spaces. Some popular uses of our interior wall insulation include masonry walls, interior CI walls framed with wood or steel studs, pre-engineered metal building walls or ceilings, crawl space interiors and below-grade basement interior walls to name a few.

The higher the R-value, the greater the insulating power.3 Other sizes available upon request.
Usually the storage located at the front of the desk, but in Shifty Desk it located at the back of the desk.
Suitable for most walls, tested and recommended for application over many kinds of painted surfaces. Another key payoff for wall insulation for interior applications is the reduction of water vapors that are allowed to pass.
The materials are specially designed for decorating interiors and are the best on the market.
And in some instances you’ll find a decrease in sound transfer as one of the useful reasons for wall insulation for interior applications.

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