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The steamer itself worked well enough to convince me to get a thicker PVC tube, which I have done, and try this again, which I shall.
This entry was posted in build along, Uncategorized and tagged steamer, wood on September 19, 2013 by jlindner. Woodorking plans for takedown recurve bow and video instructions that walk you step-by-step through the woodworking process with detailed blueprints and plans. The Knight Takedown Recurve Bow gives you solid performance and durable construction with integral upgrade options! All of these bow were had for around $100 at The quality is really good and the performance is comparable to bows of twice the price.
I made a take down bow using some scrap wood and an old junky pair of skis I've had in the garage for awhile. Legends in Archery: Adventures With the Bow and ArrowLegends in Archery by Peter Stecher, Adventures with the bow and arrow.
Loowits Legend ( The story of the Columbia River Gorge)A great book for anyone but one the kids will love!
The Impossible BowThe Impossible Bow shows you how to make bows from PVC pipe, from the basic simple bow to very complex yet made from PVC.

The Sound Of The String ON SALE!An African bush country novel , A great book to sit and enjoy while sipping a good cup of coffee. For the the past couple of weeks, I’ve been making bows and arrows, ostensibly for my 12 year daughter, Sophia, but this is something I’ve been interested in doing for a long time.
Nick Tomihama,the Backyard BowyerI have been learning how to make PVC pipe bows from the YouTube videos of Nicholas Tomihama, known on the internet as The Backyard Bowyer.
Each video is between 5 and 10 minutes long, and has a mix of Nick’s patient, laid-back personality and crystal clear instructions for the project at hand. Want to get PARTNERED with maker studios!, A tutorial on my homemade takedown recurve bow which is accurate and you enjoy the video.
Enter the World of Compact Take Down Archery, and Pack Up Your Arrows to Take with You Anywhere. They where to stuff to shoot properly, unless I would go bear hunting :-) So i decided to make a new take down bow from an old pair of cross country ski's, which are more bendable. I haven't tested the draw weight but it is quite strong, I plan on making another at some point and changing the design a little bit.
Anyone who has an interest in primitive survival skills or modern urban survival should seriously consider purchasing a good bow and arrow and become proficient in using it.

As usual, I’m trying to do things for cheap or free, using found, recycled or readily available materials.
The settings for the videos are varied: Nick’s tiny backyard in Hawaii, his kitchen floor, a picnic table at a public park.
I’m pretty sure, based on past experience, that after glue-up and curing in the glue-up oven, the assembly will hold its shape.
In the past year and a half he has posted 150 instructional videos on how to make your own simple and inexpensive archery equipment. Family members may appear on screen in the background, or his infant son may crawl into view as Nick shoots a new bow for you. The holmegaard bow comes close but this is see a video for how to make a bow like this go to this URL: I am no longer accepting orders for bows, I want to get out of selling bows for now.
The projects, however, are universally clever, and the scripting and editing are brilliant — just right for maximum learning and minimum boredom.

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