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The main function of the Automated Transfer Vehicle Control Centre (ATV-CC) is to operate Automated Transfer Vehicles (ATV). In the elegant, modern 'Fermat Building' of the Toulouse space centre, the French space agency CNES, under a contract signed with ESA in 2003, developed and operates, a complex space control centre specialised in handling ATV missions in orbit. Under the authority of ESA, ATV-CC is responsible for the preparation and validation of the monitoring and control tools used by the 30 mission control staff during the flight. Additionally the Centre is in charge of the orbitography, the localisation of ATV and monitoring its approach to the International Space Station. Among the different flight control and piloting capabilities, ATV-CC also directs the undocking of ATV from the International Space Station.
An ATV mission requires complex interactions and shared responsibilities between space organisations dispersed throughout the world. To allow continuous coordination with the other control centres and to remain in constant contact with ATV during a mission ATV-CC relies on the the Interconnection Ground Subnetwork, which is based at the German Space Operations Centre, at Oberpfaffenhofen in Germany.
LEGO builder extraordinaire Damien Labrousse recently unveiled an amazing replica of the French Space Agency’s Jupiter Mission Control Room made from 6,000 toy bricks! Damien Labrousse‘s model is made from 6,000 bricks and 80 minifigures, and it replicates the Jupiter Mission Control Room with a working video screen and sound system showing a rocket launch and countdown. Please note that gratuitous links to your site are viewed as spam and may result in removed comments.
From the control room of the Jupiter building in Kourou, French Guiana, ESA Director of Human Spaceflight Simonetta Di Pippo witnessed the flawless launch of the second Automated Transfer Vehicle (ATV-2) at Europe’s Spaceport. The lift off had been postponed the day before due to an anomaly in the liquid oxygen propellant tank of the Ariane 5 launcher.
Simonetta Di Pippo shared the moment with senior representatives of the industries involved, politicians and international media. ESA Director of Human Spaceflight had also the chance to visit the launch pads of Ariane, Vega and Soyuz, as well as to get closer to the frantic activity at the Ariane 5 control centre during the launch. In small yards or those that are not configured for a rain garden or drywell, getting gutter runoff "to daylight" is an absolute minimum. As land gets developed, rainfall is increasingly diverted from ground storage and directed to storm drains.
The end of the drainage pipe should be covered with hardware cloth or something similar to keep rodents out. It takes more than a casual, one-time inspection to gather reliable information about water on a site. Ground-water levels may change seasonally, as do rainfall patterns, so look to sources of local data to help predict water flow on the property at different times of the year. Gutters won't do much to direct water away from the foundation if they leak or are installed poorly.
Hundreds of gallons of water can be collected for every inch of rain, even from a relatively small roof. This surface and near-surface runoff can also pool in low-lying areas on a building site or flood a sub-surface septic field. Curtain drains, strategically placed trenches filled with permeable materials and perforated drainage pipes, can intercept ground water and direct it to an area where it won’t do any harm (see below). In its modern application, builders use a sheet of rubber or plastic fastened to the foundation at grade, take it down a foot, and then draw it outward for another 2 feet to 4 feet at an angle of about 20%.
Mulch, pea stone, or some other material that creates a variegated surface can reduce splash-back around the building perimeter below the eaves.
Rather than fixing drainage or settlement problems after the house is built, a better method is to get a soils report from a qualified geotechnical engineer. Deeper borings (25 feet or more) may be necessary on unusually steep sites or when pier foundations are planned. It's important to control surface water during site clearing and foundation excavation to prevent soil erosion, which can clog streams and damage aquatic ecosystems. Erosion mats made from natural fiber are a good option for stabilizing slopes or stream beds after planting. The standard solution to your dilemma (building a house on a site with a high water table) is indeed to build on a slab. The site I am considering making an offer on is table flat, small (0.6 acres) and reportedly is in an area with a high water table. Many jurisdictions legislate through the zoning ordinance that one is responsible for causing this problem to an downslope neighbor.
In most cases, a shallow French drain is much cheaper than a new footing drain, so often that solution is tried first.

In the Historic District of Louisville, Kentucky, where I live, I am now combining roof water drainage with geothermal HVAC systems. Our houses are 1880 to 1910 vintage with limestone block foundations that are notoriously leaky. The Control Centre is also responsible for carrying out the programmed mission plans and, if needed, to implement any changes. The Control Centre can command an operation to keep ATV in the vicinity of the International Space Station for up to eight weeks and, if needed, even perform a re-docking. For rendezvous, docking and departure, ATV-CC works in close coordination with the Mission Control Centres in Moscow and Houston. For example, in case of a major malfunction during the rendezvous, ATV-CC, as well as the Space Station crew, can initiate the Collision Avoidance Manoeuvre to move the 20-tonne spaceship away from the Station before attempting another rendezvous the next day.
ATV-CC is directly linked to the Columbus Control Centre, which also plays the role of the central node of the communications network with ESA's partners.
The model was requested by the team at the Kourou Space Center, which is the port from which the European Space Agency sends supplies to the International Space Station. A second duplicate model was built to display at the 50th Paris Air Show at Le Bourget, however this one will stay on display at the Kourou Space Center. Judging from his Flickr photostream, his LEGO craft has been well honed by building amazing shuttles, planes and transports.
As foreseen by the ATV team in case of delay, mission controllers checked the data and verified that all the systems were ready for this second attempt. Around one hundred people travelled there to see it happening and support the promising vehicle, dubbed Johannes Kepler, in its vital mission to the International Space Station. Consequently there are two drainage systems — one for gutters, and one to keep the immediate area clear. This means that gutter drainpipes are terminated above-ground to let them empty above ground.
This further depletes ground water supplies, overtaxes city sewer systems, and dumps lawn fertilizers, pesticides, and pollution from streets into rivers, lakes, and oceans. Every heavy rainstorm will carry silt into a curtain drain trench, clogging the spaces between pieces of crushed stone. These are a good solution for houses with hills behind them that constantly keep the basement damp.
When water comes down the hill just below the surface, it runs into the gravel, fills up the pipe and is carried away to daylight, drywell, or rain garden. Rigid PVC drainpipe (top) is crush-resistant but a little harder to work with than flexible pipe (bottom).
It’s an integrated issue because the paving material has to work with the building and landscape design, and may need to be coordinated with the interior design as well. Stone, brick, or concrete block placed under the outfall will prevent water from eroding soil. The one- and two-family dwelling model building code copyrighted by the International Code Council. Weather service records and even back issues of the local newspaper also can yield useful information.
They consist of a geotextile composite and solid or perforated drain line, and can be installed in a much narrower trench, eliminating the need for stone aggregate. You can make in-ground gutters with a trench that runs along the perimeter of a foundation — a curtain drain of sorts — to direct water to a rainwater collection tank, a drywell, a rain garden, or other suitable spot.
When a storm drops heavy rainfall in a short time, the ground can become saturated, causing surface water to run off. An option for collecting all of the water from the roof without using gutters is similar in construction to a curtain drain. Rose describes another technique, a kind of subsurface roof that diverts water from the foundation. A layer of rigid insulation under the rubber or plastic sheet traps heat and offers some freeze protection for drain tile located at the outer edge of the flashing.
No matter whether they're made with metal, plastic, or wood, rain gutters are invaluable in directing rainwater away from the house. An engineer's report based on test borings or pits can detect problems like sub-surface water, uncompacted fill, and poorly draining soils before excavation. The material eventually breaks down, but not before roots have taken hold to prevent erosion.
It's perfectly possible to include enough above-grade rooms to accommodate the usual functions of a basement: a mechanical room for your furnace and water heater, for example, and a large storage closet for your Christmas ornaments.

On some sites, a shallow French drain used to intercept and redirect surface water can dramatically improve conditions in a basement. When augering wells for our systems, we encounter sand at about 10 to 15 feet below grade which continues to bedrock at about 110 feet. Where I have combined this system with a french drain to catch surface water, damp basement walls have been virtually eliminated even in the worst of storms.
It proved that Europe is an independent space power aiming to inaugurate an autonomous era of space exploration”. Filter fabric around the stone will extend the curtain drain's useful life by holding back most of the silt.
Different types of drains incorporated in to the landscape and house can carry bulk water away from a house to keep it dry. PVC comes in 10-foot lengths, is crush-resistant to 3,000 pounds, and costs about $0.65 per foot. Using sanitary Ts in the corners and Y fittings in the long run will make it easier to clear clogs with a power snake, saving on digging and replacing pipe. The IRC is meant to be a stand-alone code compatible with the three national building codes—the Building Officials and Code Administrators (BOCA) National code, the Southern Building Code Congress International (SBCCI) code and the International Conference of Building Officials (ICBO) code.
At the moment, they’re more common on civil engineering projects than in residential applications, but that may change. Ground water flows on or below the surface; it rises and lowers depending on rainfall and can be controlled with subsurface drains. Variously called in-ground gutters, foundation flashing, and underground roofs, it's basically a peel-and-stick membrane or sheet of plastic that runs down the foundation wall and then turns out and slopes away. Far from taking credit for the idea, Rose says below-grade flashing was used on Gunston Hall, the 1750 Virginia home of George Mason, one of America’s founding fathers. The detail keeps soil next to the foundation from becoming saturated and may moderate moisture swings that lead to soil movement in expansive clay soils, Rose says. The two most common gutter profiles are half-round and the so-called K-style, produced mile after seamless mile by contractors with portable forming machines. On flat, well-drained building sites, a pair of test pits five to eight feet below the proposed footing depth at opposite foundation corners may be enough, but intermediate pits may be required on hilly or wet sites. Most plans will incorporate vegetated buffer zones and erosion-control measures like hay bales, silt fencing, or wattles.
Use reclaimed topsoil to get grass and plants growing again at the earliest opportunity to minimize both water and wind erosion. On other sites, the only way to handle all the water involved is with a perforated drain at the level of the footing. After installing the closed loop geothermal piping, we backfill the wells and the piping trenches that connect them with gravel. Emissivity is expressed in a fraction or ratio, with the lowest values indicating low emissivity and the highest indicating the high emissivity of flat black surfaces. Short lengths of drainpipe — or worse, splash blocks below gutter downspouts — can still allow water to pool against foundation walls and leak into the basement.
The Environmental Protection Agency also suggests staging construction during the driest part of the year when possible, and clearing only the areas required for construction. You can prevent heavy equipment and vehicles from damaging newly planted areas by cordoning them off with temporary fencing. The basic rule requires a slope of 6 inches for the first 10 feet of grade surrounding the house, with the surface drainage directed to a storm sewer or equivalent.
A system of gutters, leaders, and drains can collect and direct this water away from the basement, protect vegetation, and prevent ponding in low-lying areas on the site. He directs one or both at times toward my yard that during a 4" rainfall the water can roll right past my back basement window.
The 2006 IRC allows exceptions if the building is too close to the property line or a physical barrier prevents a 10-foot slope. I was a plumbing designer in my younger day and I remember some things and am not sure about all when it comes to storm water run off.

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