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So I'm in the middle of framing my basement for my man cave, and I've hit a road block: The all-important bar! Space is at a premium, and I don't want to be pushed back too far from friends when entertaining (should we decide to play cards or something). I know typical bar builds usually start with a 2x4 or 2x6 frame that goes to the bar height, and a set of cabinets mounted in front of them. 1) Can standard cabinets support a small 2x4 or 2x6 frame on top of them to support a bar counter?

The back bar is basically counter cabinets (toe kick removed) and back cut down to desired depth (for sink). The refrigerator is a full size counter cab and had to find a way that the entire back bar was not 24". From a cost standpoint, I wasn't sure how much furniture grade plywood would cost in comparison to ready made cabinets(the big box stores around here don't stock it). Our custom cabinets add value to a home by providing an exact fit.  Hand-crafted cabinetry, using only top-quality solid wood and wood veneers.

To design and construct high quality yet affordable cabinetry that meets the needs of the customer.  Creating a functional and appealing atmosphere reflecting individual personality. One side of the bar, up against the wall can easily accommodate full size cabinets, but the portions of the bar with seating eat up too room.

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