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The lintel ensures that the weight of the blocks above the opening do not rest on the frame header.  This would eventually lead to the frame head sagging and cause the door to rub and possibly not close as the building settles. The door shown is a 3’0 x 6’8” with an overall opening requirement of 40” x 82” to allow for the 2” face of the hollow metal frame.  You can see how the lintel had to be notched to accommodate the height of the frame.
Per industry standard, which according to this picture does not mean always, an exterior hollow metal door in a masonry wall measures 7’0” in height, using a standard 2” frame face would require an opening size of 40” by 86”. Following the example above, considering the height of the courses of block, we would need a 6” notch in the door lintel.  This would leave only a 2” strip spanning the opening to carry the load.
When I planned on creating this lesson, I had in mind to take the pictures I needed during my travels throughout my territory. Chelsea Composite Door Frame SystemChelsea’s Composite Door Frame System is made from a revolutionary PVC composite alloy that provides performance and features that no other product delivers!
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The Aluminium Universal Square Door Frame Profile for Double Doors is available in different heights, depending on your need. Its advanced thermoplastics technology produces a system that’s incredibly durable and easy to fabricate. Its alloy composite construction means it won’t rust, rot or splinter while maintaining its good looks with absolutely no painting or maintenance. While our door frame can be installed upon arrival, custom painting can add a decorative touch to your building.
Our quality frames are easy to cut, drill, rout, glue, nail or staple using common woodworking tools.
For instance a frame to suit a 1981 x 838 door will come with hinge and lock styles approx 30-40mm longer than the door.
Should we have issues with stock or delivery area we will aim to advise within 24 hours by phone or email.

Taking Delivery - You must ensure the address has someone there to accept delivery and assist the driver with bulky and difficult items such as plasterboard. Compared to a conventional wood jamb, its beauty is not only maintenance-free, but it’s actually stronger, more secure, too.
Certain areas such as mid Wales, North Scotland prove very challenging call 01628 674910 in advance if this could be an issue.
Weekend deliveries can be organised by request and subject to an additional delivery charge. We have everything you will need to create your partitioning system, so don’t forget to browse our other items for the profiles you might need.

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