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We have a huge number of special offers on a range of timber garden buildings that have up to 10% off the RRP!
Possibly more of an upmarket barn than a timber garage, Garage Double has an internal space of 28.4 sqm. The design is traditional and unpretentiousness, but the quality of the timber, joints, and roof boards make this Garage Double a handsome addition to any driveway or garden.
Features include 44mm timber, giving a good level of insulation for your cars or guinea pigs. Our building measurements are in metric, but you can use our quick conversion tool if you prefer working in imperial. Keep up to speed with all the latest news, special offers and website updates in the GardenLife blog. If you're after a heritage barn, hay barn or storage barn take a look at what we have to offer. If you have any questions about ordering, delivery, building and maintaining a cabin, why not view our frequently asked questions, or you could call for a chat; we’re always happy to help.
All prices on the GardenLife Log Cabins website include VAT and UK mainland delivery (exceptions to this include Northern Ireland, islands and more remote northern regions; please get in touch if you have any questions). Ensure you make the right purchase with our helpful buyers guide to garden buildings; ten tips that will help you choose the best garden building. Winter finally hit here in Northern Colorado at the same time I'm ramping up for a few winter frame projects. 1) The climate really isn't that bad (Average Weather for Fort Collins, CO - Temperature and Precipitation) but I really struggle out there on sub-30 deg F days. 3) I don't need to, or want to continuously heat the space - my roommate parks in the garage in the winter and I can usually only find the time to spend 1-3 hrs working out there at a time. I'll work on toughening up although it might be a more effective strategy to gain some mass over the holidays. I would say that is as small as you could go to bring temps up from the 30's to a reasonable level. The 10th Annual Whiskey Off-Road captures the essence of what mountain biking is all about. I kind of knew from my poking around that the propane heaters were best fit for rapid heating and to the size of the space. I know the OP said he couldn't fit insulation, but to everyone else in an un-insulated space, I say this: INSULATE! About D S BuildingD S Building, Kegworth, are a building company, specialising in new builds, extensions, property refurbishments, property maintenance, plumbing, heating, roofing, joinery, all brick work and plastering.

A single or double garage is a great enhancement to any property, the benefits of car security and extra storage space cannot be underestimated. At Extension Design Plans we can design your new garage and deal with the Planning Permission and Building Regulations - so all you have to do is select your builder.
Council application fees vary from Council to Council and are charged separately to our fees. If your extension requires any further local authority reports, such as a flood risk assessment, tree survey, structural calculations etc; then these are charged separately to our design fees.
Please contact us to find out more about our services and how we might help with your project.
Our design work is done on the latest Autocad systems and we also measure the sites using the latest in laser measurement technology.
Do you fill out the planning permission and building regulations application forms and submit the application to the local authority?
Do you charge for amendments to the plans if the local authority want our garage design changing? We provide you with 4 sets of plans and supply the local authority with as many sets as is required for the planning permission and building regulation applications. If you have any questions you would like answering about our garage design services or planning permission and building regulations, please contact us.
Double glazing reinforces the insulating properties of the timber, reducing heat loss through the windows and doors (which, by the way, can be placed on either side of the garage).
Firstly, you can choose between front-opening double doors in solid timber, or an up-and-over door with wood cladding.
VAT and free UK mainland delivery (exceptions include Northern Ireland, islands and more remote northern regions; please feel free to get in touch with GardenLife Log Cabins for a delivery quote if this relates to you).
Just so you know, all prices on the GardenLife Log Cabins website include VAT and UK mainland delivery (Northern Ireland, islands and more remote northern regions being the exception; please get in touch when ordering a timber building for delivery charges to these areas).
Additional information about timber treatment, cabin delivery, how to build your cabin and our 5 year warranty can be found here.
This means I'm not willing to invest in anything permanent, like insulation, or an installed gas heater. I'm sure propane would work better for quick heating, but I'm willing to sacrifice a little on the heating rate for some efficiency and the convenience of not having to refill propane cylinders on a regular basis.
I found some random internet source that claims you need approximately 10 watts per square foot to effectively heat a space. I was hoping that someone knew of some small portable electric unit that performed far better than others.

I'm in Golden, and I haven't been able to make myself go out and work in our uninsulated barn the past few days.
A recent study by the Nationwide Building Society states that a new double garage can add up to 20% on a property value.
You came up with a scheme that gained us the workshop space we needed and got us the planning permission approval.
We now have more room around our house as we were able to use the extra storage in the garage.
Planning application forms can be very complicated and we have many years of experience in dealing with planning applications. What about cabin delivery, timber treatment, how to build the cabin and the 5 year warranty?
I did a quick search this morning of garage heating options but I'm not confident that I know what would work best for me. That 5,000 w electric unit would fit the bill but its kind of pricey and I'd have to upgrade the electrical.
If it doesn't do the job I think I might pick up a tank mounted single burner propane heater. The plans and application were dealt with the same week you measured up and the approval took just 6 weeks. The planning application passed first time despite the problems we had with the ground levels and trees and the planners were happy with the extra details you provided to overcome their concerns. This will then need to be submitted with a completed application for to your local authority. Based on this alone, I wasn't looking at the parabolic heaters since the most common models are all 800 watt units, but maybe those would be the best option for focused heating at a work space. We (my wife and I - she does silversmithing out there) have an overhead forced-air electric heater, as well as individual space heaters, but they don't seem to cut it. Heater Little Buddy is actually the best fit for my needs but I like the simplicity of the tank mounted single burner and it would be much easier to move around and store when not in use.

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