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We just bought our house last summer and we have some long term plans (darker cabinetry, double ovens, built in trash compactor, better sink) but after renting tiny condos for the past 10 years, I just revel in the amazing counter space, the incredible island and the gorgeous view of the backyard. If you can't put a pot rack up over an island or part of the counter, how about an in-cabinet one? Mine is only 3mx3m (about 10ftx10ft), and I've just remodeled it; it's tiny, but the square shape means we can have three or four people moving in, out and about without running into each other. There are enough plugs to have all my permaplug appliances plugged in, plus two extra ones.
There is a corner in the cupboards; it's not very comfy, but makes a good spot to store extra dishes or those items I use maybe once a year.
I would have liked a pull-out divided trashcan, but that would have meant having to send some of the other items to another room; I'd rather have enough storage space in the kitchen and use a regular trashcan. Create space for awkward stuff like brooms, fire blankets, serving trays, and cutting boards. The list here is too long to even begin, but as you may have guessed, if you have an interest in it, there probably is a few artists that produce art in that subject matter. Now that we have discussed the major appliances that chill and clean, let's talk about those that do the cooking for us. The oven is one of the most important appliances in our home, and often the last to get replaced. Once you have narrowed down what you currently own and want to have, then you can start making your list of options available. If you are wanting to change from electric to gas, there are obviously other considerations to take into account, such as whether or not you can even get the gas to the stove without destroying most of the house. Big Energy Saver!A Frequently check your clothes in the dryer.A  Most of the time they are dry before the buzzer goes off! Location, Location.A Talk to your designer about locating the laundry room on whichever floor the bedrooms are on.A  This will keep you from carrying the laundry up and down the stairs a million times! Ironing station.A Design an ironing board right into your a€?foldinga€? countertop or cabinets.A  I dona€™t know anyone who likes getting out and putting away the ironing board! Folding station.A Never enough counter space for folding?A  Design your main countertop space to be extra deep, 30a€?.
WOW!We went to market this year in the hopes of finding new products that we can leverage for our projects.
Well February has started off with a bang for us!At the beginning of February, we attended an all-day event for the Texas Chapter of National Kitchen & Bath Association (NKBA). My parents re-did their kitchen a few years ago and didn't plan space to temporarily store paper, plastic or cans until they could be brought out to the larger bins in the garage. Everything is within reach; the fridge is a model with two separate half-size freezers and each of the three spaces has separate temperature controls.
I've got my eye on one with three compartments arranged vertically, perfect for such a tiny kitchen.
It may need to take up 25% of your below countertop cabinetry, depending on how serious you are about recycling. There is probably enough room for a small island, but we elected to keep the middle of the room open. We have a bank of glass-fronted ones for storing dishes, otherwise solid fronts to hide the messy miscellany.
Ours isn't walk-in, merely a closet with shelves, but that frees up everywhere else for dishes.
If you have a beautiful patio surface already, then you may not be inclined to cover it up. While you want to echo the colors of your interior spaces to create that connection (and they can each likely be seen through the windows), you can certainly go more bold with your outside space. There are a ton of fabrics out there that can stand up to the weather elements, provide comfort to you and your guests and lookA spectacular. To give your kitchen that luxurious feeling, you will want to select appliances with the same or similar finish AND handle style.

The purpose of the event was two-fold - first to induct a Houston's Suzie Wilford as incoming National President of NKBA (congratulations!) and the second to hear from Candice Olsen of Divine Design on HGTV speak about her kitchen and bath projects. I am heading off to Palm Springs this week for the Winter Conference of the Best Practices Network (BPN). Uneventful for all the right reasons, interesting because there were NASCAR officials and several pit crew members on the flight for the race in LA this weekend.
We improved it slightly by adding a stainless steel counter from Ikea (similar to this, but with wire shelves on half the bottom, and an open area on the other half that our recycling bins fit in). As a result, things tend to pile up in one corner of the counter until someone gathers it all up and carries it out while the kitchen is being cleaned up. I've seen a variant on the tall pull-put pantry in some magazine or other, but I can't seem to find an image. Since I can spend months away, this is great because it means I can leave only one freezer working, or arrive and switch on the cooler but not the freezers. The windows are much narrower than mine and the decor is dark: in their case, yes, those lights directly above the stove come handy quite often.
We also got bottom cabinets with deep drawers instead of doors, and it has made life so much better.
There are two entryways into the kitchen, and they literally are the only places for a can, unless you want a small one under the sink or in the pantry, which I don't.
Not only do you want to mirror the tones in your home's finishes, but it has to be weather resistant at some level.
Though the options for integrating it are a bit more challenging in older homes, as they were not built to accommodate a microwave. And with our economic climate and the negative news that comes at us everyday - market was hopping!
The network is comprised of interior design firms from all over the nation who share thier best businesses practices. We happen to sit next to a pit official, so it was an interesting conversation.This is our second trip to California and it is struck me as an almost surreal landscape. I don't cook at 8am in December, which is about the only time in the year when I'd be overshadowing the stove's controls (which are lit, anyway).
No more bending and shuffling things around in dark lower cabinets, just pull open the drawer and boom.
Where I've got it now is next to a heating vent, too, which I'm forced to keep closed in the winter unless I want warmed garbage. Your space and the amount of coverage you have from the elements, both sun and rain, will determine the options you have available.
You don't have the same storage outside as you do inside so maximize your storage space with accessories.
The manufacturers were so busy taking orders, we found it hard to get anyone to talk to us about the products. Admittance into the Network is through application with a member approval process, ensuring that we are not competitive with each other.
Driving from the Ontario Airport to Palm Springs it is the weirdest dichotomy of landscape elements. There are tons of options and the information is all available to you on each product, in terms of what it can withstand. The truth is that theses type of projects take time and money, they are fun and problematic, and in the end it is beautiful! The conference should be great and I know I will come back with more ideas than any one person can implement.The conference and our home in Palm Springs will be at the Hotel Zoso. The last thing you want to worry about is having to protect your accessories, whether you are in the space or not. Think about not only the weather elements that it will have exposure to, but also the people elements. If you find that "perfect" piece and it's breakable, find the perfect place for it so it's protected.

Often times it is subtle - but every time my client looks at it, it makes them smile.Starlight has several different looks and a few different shapes. Did not put in a built in microwave, to costly for repairs, built one cabinet with no doors microwave fits in it. You may want to consider whether glass makes sense if you have a really active family that likes to play ball in the backyard.
All the clients on her show live in Toronto, although she said that they work very hard to make sure that they are diverse in project type, style and budgets. Where the frig went furred out wall about 4 inches on each side before putting in cabinets, The front of the frig is even with the front of the cabinets.
These would be more discreet during the day and add a soft glow in the evenings.This product was nominated for a ARTS award at the market. Since it is a television show, she really is not able to share with her clients what she has planned for them until the reveal - which is interesting because they do pay for the project (except for her design fees) and often she comes back and asks them to increase their budgets. Other news from Candice, there are at least another 26 episodes heading our way; Plus she will be a judge on the next season of HGTV Design Star. But we honestly use cloth napkins at dinner time, versus paper - our little bit to save the earth.
The event benefited Trees For Houston, raising money to help replant the trees and canopy destroyed by Hurricane Ike.
We love places like Skyline Art - it enables us to bring original art to our clients from some local and not so local artists.One piece that especially caught my eye was this wooden vase. When summer comes around, we love to have friends over for dinner, let the kids play in the backyard and enjoy good company and a good glass of wine. According to Skyline, the artist uses trees that have been harvested for a variety of reasons by his local park department and landscapers.
I'll purchase a new set of patio dinnerware and work with these napkins this summer, and of course, my new umbrella.
The line also has a few products made from recycled newspaper, including baskets and my favorite - a dog. The new showroom at Post Oak and Westheimer, in the Galleria, represents Poggenpohl's largest showroom. Not too large in scale, this dog is reminiscent of the RCA dog and makes quite an interesting accessory in a more urban home. Look at this picture, there was barely any room to move!Poggenpohl, for those of you who don't know is a manufacturers premium cabinets for contemporary kitchens. The finish on the cabinetry is flawless and enables for custom organization for every need.
Store owners and designers alike where there and they were buying products to sell in their business to you! The showroom highlighted a new table that expands to allow for service carts through the center of the table.
So hopefully soon, you'll see these at your favorite places to shop for your home - Happy Hunting!A PLACE TO SLEEP, GOOD FOOD AND GOOD COMPANY While in Dallas, we stayed at the very dramatic Hotel ZaZa - which has a huge room for todays hotel and a hopping bar - The Dragonfly. There were so many well dressed men in the place - on a Thursday night even!We dined our first night at Avanti Ristorante on McKinney - again, for an economy in a slump - this restaurant was packed. The food was wonderful - we did a DIY tasting menu, sharing a bottle of wine and about four appetizers.
We are also members of the Best Practices Network, comprised of around 100 leading companies across the nation. The acoustic guitar was a perfect accompainment.Our Friday night dinner was at The Palomino at The Crescent with friends and colleagues talking about the show and what we saw.

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