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The entire form is gathered around a nave made out of massive wood; between wood and concrete, a passage and an inner space are spun.
The idea is to inflict as little damage as possible on the site, conceptually as well as visually.
The sloping roofs of this building establish a dialogue with the geometry of the mountain landscape, in an analogy to the village rooftops. We cover completed buildings, new building designs, architectural exhibitions and competitions across Sweden. We have 4 pages of Swedish Architecture selections with links to many individual project pages. Sneezy Jack: I have this in my room as my full time bed, when i have friends over i convert it into a couch :) and when my girlfriend is round there is plenty of room for us both!

As a staircase carves its way through the volume, it ties the structure tighter together still, while it connects to the ground. The ceiling releases from the wall to reveal a thin slice of sky, a cut through which light trickles down and both rain and autumn leaves are allowed to be part of the space. Foundation is laid in the back, which allows the structure to rise above the ground and leave a large part of the site untouched.
The dynamism achieved through the continuity between facades and roof is accentuated by a strong red colour, emphasizing its design and highlighting the building through the surrounding landscaped area vegetation.
The semi-desert landscape around it and the proximity of the sea, an imposing presence that frames the building establishing a strong relationship between both, an impressive view over La Gomera island, are the starting points of the concept of the building. We aim to include buildings that are either of top quality or interesting, or ideally both.

The focus is on contemporary Swedish buildings but information on traditional buildings is also welcome. The materials, wood and concrete, are allowed to age in the hope that over time, the experience of both space and place will further enhanced.

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