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I’ve been thinking about making a PVC pipe, building set for the backyard and this was the perfect motivation to get it set up. The kids were in their bathing suits already, so this took a turn that I was not expecting. Once the pipe was in place they flooded the mud pit using the little bit of pipe that was showing. If you buy pvc pipe joints that are much larger and have three openings they can be used for golfing. I saw this on pinterest and am totally making this kit for my boys’ 5th birthday next month! I’ve been thinking about making aA PVCA pipe, building set for the backyard and this was the perfect motivation to get it set up. A Because he knows how much I like organized spaces, he also built a wood divider for our plastic container. For our PVC pipe house we chose 10″ pieces for the bottom three pieces connected with 90 degree elbow fittings. We added a whole bunch of items from my treasure bin including cardboard floors, transparent CD cases, and odd little plastic pieces.
If you live where irrigation systems are a natural part of landscaping you are familiar with the commonly used white PVC pipes. Made out of resilient vinyl, these irrigation materials come in a wide assortment of lengths and widths.
Here is a sampling of some of the garden structures you can build with PVC irrigation pipe.
One application might be to a box form or a square tunnel made from PVC then creating walls with chicken wire, hardware cloth, or even shade cloth for outdoor pet enclosures or exercise structures. Another handy garden use for PVC might be to assemble plant stands or tables topped with a thin piece of flagstone, wood or another tabletop material.

Try building any of these structures out of PVC for quick, easy and inexpensive help in the garden. Jane Schwartz Gates is a professional landscaping contractor, author, artist, and public speaker. Gates and Croft Landscaping ServicesProfessional landscaping services offered in Southern California.
This gave us a great opportunity to practice using a tape measure and watching mom put in the elbow grease to cut the pieces. The kids use a plastic golf club to hit a ball into one end and they get to see which end it comes out.
The sides are two 5 inch pieces connected with a three way pipe fitting and then a 10 inch pipe piece through the middle. This treasure bin is essentially random items that look cool and hope one day will make a neat project. Not only is construction easy – rather like assembling simple Lego pieces — but it will be inexpensive and you can simply disassemble the pieces when you are done. A basic table format will remain open at the pipe ends so the water fills inside so the structure sits at the bottom of the pond. These can be connected with rope, netting, wire grids or other materials to create fencing.
A basic square skeleton shape fitted together in any size can make the perfect way to shade delicate or newly planted plants when the top is covered with shade cloth. Then use your imagination to create something out of this irrigation pipe that will make your garden more fun or efficient. We had to play around with a few sizes and use our problem solving skills to make the perfect heart! Give it a try and head to your local hardware store the next time you want to find a new activity.

And it makes PVC pipes with all their various connectors into handy, inexpensive outdoor construction materials for any climate. The hollow pipes are lightweight, slightly flexible and capable of conducting liquid and air. This way you can set potted bog plants so they sit in water in the middle of the pond where they would not find a perch otherwise. A light cover like this can be used for hot or cold spells and can protect the plants beneath for a whole season if necessary.
In addition to having utility for household or industry, this pipe has other uses in other fields. The first heart which is a bit smaller and the perfect shape, has two 2.5 inch pieces, two 3 inch pieces, and two 7 inch pieces. The selection of the type and quality of the pipe is the main thing that you should consider. We have also engineered some cool Lego Hearts this month as well as a Lego Heart Marble Maze! PVC or polyvinyl chloride is one of the pipes -making materials; it is often referred to as PVC pipe. PVC pipe was first applied to the waste stream and Germany is the first time the PVC pipe market, because the resistance is very high and not easily damaged.
Over time, PVC pipe grown up to other countries, like the United States that use a single pipe to the flow of water in the house. Pipeline with quality and lasting until decades at an affordable price can be found at your nearest hardware store.

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