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I won’t go on about how a bank-ette would be more than sufficient for my account, or even a micro-bank, or a piggy-bank. I’m a huge fan of the picture above, which was posted in a forum conversation about this very subject, here. Love the seafaring style of the table and the light fixture, and I really think the three sided arrangement would be ultra-comfy. The post details much more than just the built-in, talking about a number of great DIY projects in that kitchen.
I would love to build a long banquette along one wall in my large basement to use for storing toys and extra seating when we entertain. I think I am opting for the built in seating against a wall, long farmtable, with 2 chairs on the opposing side (option of adding 2 addl chairs to either end of table, if needed!). Starky’s Authentic Americana Restaurant in Bozeman, Montana commissioned this built-in bench and booth seating in early 2010 for their new location.
The seating is built to the toughest standards with glued & doweled solid wood construction, steel seat springs and vinyl upholstery.

During the initial design phase, we worked in consultation with Tina Ortman of Sturdy Stitching Upholstery in Bozeman to create a prototype for approval by the client. Following final approval of the prototype, construction was completed in our Livingston studios. Installation was arranged and scheduled to integrate smoothly with the other sub-contractors involved in preparing the restaurant for its Grand Opening. Please Note that we are no longer doing this type of commercial work – neither building the frames nor re-upholstering them. Once you hear what these top designers have to say about these stunning booths and banquettes, you'll be planning a kitchen redesign of your own.
This whole look works great from the floors, to the awesome open walls, to the shelves above the windows. Who among us doesn’t truthfully want the huge three sided or circular booth at restaurants, even when we’re alone or in pairs?
For reupholstery of restaurant seats we recommend that you contact Sturdy Stitching Upholstery of Bozeman.

I read in the above linked forum thread that some people felt that the seating would be restricted or problematic in a situation where there wasn’t a server bringing everything to you.
This can be purchased at the very interesting website Bars, Cigars, and Brew or you can make it.
For me a picture of my Granddaddy Milton's green upholstered arm chair brings to mind the vivid rhymes & colors of 'The Cat in the Hat' and his soft low voice in the telling. I love too that there is always an element of nature in furniture - the warm-toned curving grain of a walnut leg or the reflection of life in a mid-century chrome piece.
The best part of teaching & sharing natural upholstery is that it ties all of these things together.

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