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ITEM 017AHand made custom oak top and bottom kitchen cabinets with a raised bar for eating on the kitchen island.
ITEM 017CThis is the back side of the kitchen island with a much better view of the oak corbels and the color of the granite countertop. ITEM 018AA different design where you see a forty five degree kitchen top cabinet with raised panel door.
ITEM 022Another kitchen island with two split doors under the cook top, a bank of drawers on the left side with the last drawer larger for the big stuff. ITEM 024This kitchen base cabinet has three split doors with three matching drawers on top. ITEM 025A Log HomeThis picture shows a yellow pine kitchen base cabinet on the right with an eight foot tall combination oven - microwave cabinet to the left. ITEM 025B Log HomeThis is a close up picture of the same cabinet showing in better detail the forty fived outside corners of the eight foot long cabinet, plus the desk base cabinet and top cabinet corners. ITEM 026 Log HomeThis is one of many different designs you can have when it comes to kitchen pantries. ITEM 028Not one, but two pull outs so the bending over to access all that stuff in the very back is no problem.
ITEM 030Here you have the standard round lazy Susan for the inside corners of your kitchen base cabinets. ITEM 033I must admit I'm not too fond of the cabinet face stiles going all the way to the floor, but some people are. These days, storage space is at a premium for many clients in Maryland; they come to Kitchen Elements seeking built-in storage solutions for many rooms in their homes. In times past, homeowners relied on hutches, armoires and closets to house their personal items. Through thoughtful space planning, clients gain storage in well-used rooms in their homes and in unexpected places such as beneath stairs, in back entryways, master closets, and other hidden areas.

With an endless selection of finish options, trims and cabinet configurations designed specifically to fit your kitchen, custom-built cabinets can truly personalize a kitchen in a way that standard cabinets do not.
More affordable option: Get the look of custom-built cabinets at a lower cost by ordering semi-custom cabinets.
We took a section of the cabinets (the part under the sink) and made it into a built-in twin bed. The most difficult part of this project was working with the 35 year-old walls of this house that were no longer straight.
Inside the bed, we added a bookshelf for even MORE storage along with a skylight and a wall light. If you don't have old cabinets to use, check out your local Habitat for Humanity or Craigslist, you may not get them for free but they won't cost very much! Beautiful and functional, built-ins are a balm for many ills: they add value, end clutter, and answer the never-ending call for storage. Today, in addition to standard closets, built-ins offer sought-after storage solutions for your library shelving, laundry room, mudroom, pantry, entertainment wall units, and wet or dry bars. We measured out the dimensions of a twin mattress and added several inches to make sure it wouldn't be too tight of a fit once it was complete.
So if you have an old house, keep this in mind and just know you really can't do much about it- just go with it and it will work out. The back of this kitchen island looks just like the front of it; the design is just flipped over. Additionally, built-in cabinets and storage solutions can add architectural style to a room, incorporating your design preference of subtle, modern, ornate or eye-catching. Mixing cabinet heights throughout the kitchen also creates a customized appearance adding character and appeal to the overall look of the kitchen. But, what happen if you don’t have a flat and slim TV, but the old TV which is big and heavy.

The doors look great closed, but when you have a modern family, most of us like to watch the news in the morning at least. Kitchen Elements creates furniture-style built-ins, which provide inclusive storage solutions wrapped in beautiful casework. Store our plates, glasses, pots, pans, and let’s not forget the most important thing, food, in our cabinets. In addition, built-in TV cabinets offer a modern and sleek entertainment center to your home. Therefore, if you have an old big TV and have problem to place it, don’t be hastened to replace it with the new one.
Think of new entertainment center that can hold it perfectly.Wooden built in TV cabinets and bookscaseDurable Built in TV CabinetsTo hold your TV firmly, try to construct strong entertainment TV cabinets. These woods are good for built in TV cabinetssince they are durable and resistant to humidity and termites. Before you go to the lumberyard, make sure that you have measured your TV so you can get the right size of the wood panels. This feature is useful to keep the TV safe from theft and for the children reach if you have any in your home. Combining more than one materials for the built in TV cabinets is great idea.If you want to make the look of the built in media cabinets more appealing, you can try to stain the woods with your preferable color.

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