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One of the biggest trends for 2013 is bedroom built in cupboards, a classic idea with a modern twist. It is easy to increase the appeal of your bedroom, which will in turn increase not only the value of your home, but also the level of luxury.
Further to this, the idea of having bedroom built in cupboards makes selecting your morning outfit almost like being in a clothing store — your options are laid out in front of you without you having to hassle to access any of them. The Cupboard People will not only design and manufacture the bedroom built in cupboards, but will also handle the installation so that you don’t have to hassle. Some of the finishes that The Cupboard People can supply for bedroom built in cupboards include renolit, melamine, wrap, Formica, Niemann, Duco, veneers, semi-solids and solids.
From the hand drawn design, The Cupboard People will prepare a computer generated 3D design for you and then discuss and finalise your quote.
Bring the classic beautify and modern functionality of built in cupboards into your bedroom space for ultimate style and sophistication. Shelving can be customized to suit your need, multiple shelving or a combination of hanging rails (either single or double) can be fitted upon request.
For the best customized built in Bedroom and Kitchen Cupboards in Johannesburg and Pretoria area – Contact us to get a quotation. We offer a wide range of Wooden, Aluminium and PVC Venetian blinds as well as Bamboo, Roller and Vertical Blinds.

Our built in cupboards come in a variety of finishes and are custom designed to fit any space and style. Our trademark design is the combined use of doors and drawers within one unit and this provides our clients with a neat, organised and maximised storage solution.River Woods uses only high quality drawer runners and hinges to ensure the lasting functionality of our cabinetry. Whatever your style of bedroom, The Cupboard People will provide you with the highest possible quality in bedroom built in cupboards. This can be achieved through incorporating bedroom built in cupboards to the space, thus enhancing storage space as well.
Studies show that disarranged bedrooms can affect sleep, which can result in a loss of daily productivity and an increase in mood swings. It also makes it so much easier to organize and co-ordinate your clothing, shoes, belts and accessories because you have so much more space to work with.
Designs are suited to your budget and lifestyle, and the expertise that The Cupboard People provide can assist you in deciding what will suit the space best. The company also has a wide range of handles to suit the style and design of the cupboard finish. This will enable you to visualise the finished product with greater ease than just looking at a floor plan. Do away with your dreary, dilapidated, out of date built in cupboards and let us bring your bedroom to life with our exquisitely and uniquely fitted built in cupboards.

Let us help make it easier by interpreting your vision for your dream kitchen into a reality. Bedroom built in cupboards eliminate this problem by offering an ideal storage solution for all the goods you want to hold onto, but have no place to keep. The company’s design representatives are recognised as being among the best in the industry.
Packing space can be designed as a modern focal point, or be completely timeless and understated. We will do our best to provide you with a practical and user friendly cupboard in the space that is available. Allow us to help you express your personality through your favourite choice of finish and design.

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